Women in Agriculture Gender Binary

Women in agriculture roles have really changed over the years. They have went from getting down and dirty working in small farms, to taking a back seat to cooking and cleaning for there family's. They have slowly worked back into the role of working on the farm rather then staying in the house.
60 years ago the traditional farm women cleaned and cooked meals during the day. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. That is just the way thy ere brought up. Now days women tend to go out and drive and operate equipment like the male farmers do. They are not afraid to get down and dirty.
This gender binary depends where you live in the world. In the United States women are more looked a pond to stay and take care of there children. As the years have progressed the males have been taking a bigger role in this area of there life.. This allows women to get out and work more as well as not be staying in the houses as much too when they have children.
Farming can be real physical and dirty job especially when it comes to wheat and bailing. Women are view a pond as not as muscular and much cleaner then males. So when they go out and do these things they are compared to the male farmers.
Overall farming in America hasn't always been a males job. It has just been looked a pond as a males job because the males have been looked a pond to provide for there family's. There is gender binary there when the women are providing for there family. Even though there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
Overall farming now days has mainly been a male occupation, because of the physical labor, long hours and dirtiness. Women tend to take care of the family's and not do these 3 things. This is why farming tends to be a male occupation.


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