Florida Museum of Natural History By: zachary krueger

Me in the Butterfly Garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature on display

When I stepped into the butterfly garden I immediately felt like I was out in nature and not a huge enclosure. I noticed how it was a whole ecosystem within this garden. There were insects, birds, and fish in a addition to the butterflies all cohabiting with one another. This reminded me what I had learned about ecosystems and how every organism is important to create stable environment. The design of the exhibit reminded of me of a rainforest I saw in Puerto Rico, with the stream running through the middle and the diverse plant and animal populations. The design of this exhibit did not look planned out and commercial, instead it looked natural with a randomly dispersed landscape.

Butterfly eating starfruit at the Butterfly Garden, Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature and Ethics

I believe that there is a big disconnect between what is ethical and what is not concerning the environment today. I agree with Leopold in that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless humans start to think of themselves as part of the 'biotic community' rather than something other. Exhibits like this one show people that it is important to treat nature with respect because habitats like this could be damaged. I think the Butterfly Garden part of the museum was the best way to help visitors to interact with nature in the most natural way alongside actually being in nature. I was able to watch butterflies eat fruit and fly around in the warm sunlight. I interacted with other visitors as we pointed out different butterflies we spotted and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood. There was just something pure and bright that the butterflies added to the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This photograph I was able to capture embodies the majesty and mystery that the world holds. I can see how delicate and precious life is. The colors remind me about how vibrant life is and that nothing should be taken for granted. The butterfly enclosure helped me take a step back from my busy life to take a second to appreciate the beautiful world that I am surrounded by. It is hard not to get caught up in everyday life consumed in work, social media and Netflix. So it was a nice change of scenery and pace to take as much time as I wanted to stroll along the path and absorb in all that the exhibit had to offer.

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