Delphi, Greece A day in delphi


Our day in Delphi started with an early train departure of 5:42am and then a scheduled train change an hour into our journey which had us waiting for a late running train for nearly an hour in near zero temperatures, however was compensated with a very colorful sunrise.

Arriving an hour late for our rendezvous with a prearranged transfer service didn’t seem to phase our local Greek driver. He said it was expected due to rail works on the line.

Some spectacular mountain scenery and a drive through the Greek’s most popular and visually stunning ski village had us finally arrive at the town of Delphi, home of more Greek ancient ruins and complimenting Museum.

The day was unseasonable for Delphi, with clear skies and plenty of warm sunshine. The locals say at this time of year it can be wet and damp.

We hit the Museum first to get some context behind the ruins. We found that the ancient artifacts on display were some of the best preserved we’d seen. They had obviously lost many of them over the years, particularly the bronze statues as these had possibly been melted down and used for other purposes over the years.

Delphi, like Athens has a similar history dating back some 1500BC but with most of the discoveries dating around the Greek “classical” period of around 500BC. Again the culture centered around Gods and Myths. All of it mind blowing really!

The location of the ruins took advantage of the natural geography and enjoyed stunning views all the way out to the Corinthian Sea!

Whilst the ruins weren’t as spectacular as the Athens Acropolis, the location made up for it.

We finished off the day exploring the town of Delphi before catching the bus back to Athens making for a very long long day!

Well that’s all folks! Tomorrow will be a rest day back in Athens before flying out on Sunday. Thanks all for following and for your comments...

Sunrise whilst waiting for a connecting train

Finally a coffee by 11am! First for the morning after getting up around 4am!!!

Delphi Museum

Delphi Ruins

Town of Delphi

Bus and caravan stuck in Main town Street. Inch by inch with lots of locals assisting with hand movements got the traffic moving with no grief to the Specialized bikes, nor caravan!
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