Goat Rocks Wilderness Trip In The Wild: Backpacking 2018

out of bounds

And In The Wild

6 Students

2 Adults

7,930 Feet of Elevation

22 Miles

3 Days

ready, set...

Go figure, we got lucky. Backpacking with our students has been a dream of ours for years. This trip was born out of that wish, and the intrepid spirits of the students who signed up for a wild experience.

This was a first for most members of our outfit, and we were blown away by their pluck and positivity in the face of long miles, sheer mountainsides, heavy packs, and a plague of mosquitoes.

The wild is vital for its ability to show us what we are truly capable of.

Early summer at treeline often brings a few surprises. Temperature mood swings had us wilting at noon then diving into our mummy bags at night. We trekked across several substantial snow fields on our hike to the peak of Old Snowy, the tallest point in the Goat Rocks. From there we could see the Cascades for miles in all directions, including a prominent Mt. Rainier, St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and even a teensy Mt. Hood way off in the distance.

Students learned to cut steps into the snow with their boots to keep their footing – and there was also plenty of impromptu glissading, the cooler way to get down in a hurry.

mt. rainier

By our second night, perched on the rim of the Goat Lake tarn, students were pitching tents, firing up stoves, and cooking meals like veterans of the outdoors.

Having done this, they admitted, they had opened up a new world of possibilities within themselves.

After all, there is less bite to the prospect of homework, growing, and the new experiences ahead once you have literally climbed a mountain.

For my part, I can't wait for the next trip. And the one after that... Who knows? Maybe I can even talk some hardy souls into venturing out for five nights.

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Vivian Aubrey

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