Show, Interact, Create Jordyn Sturgeon


Lesson Objective (Show): The students will be able to recognize and verbally label different yoga poses.

Black & White: Tree pose Bottom Left: Downward Dog Bottom Right: Warrior pose

In the beginning of the class, we would start with stretching on our individual mats. I would then have the students in a relaxed pose while I introduce, explain, and show them different yoga poses. From here, I would test the students by performing a pose previously covered, and ask them to name the pose. Moving forward, the students would be engaged and working on the poses introduced.


Lesson Objective (Interact): The students practice the yoga poses learned in class.


  • Examples of poses will be displayed around the gym on posters or papers in front of each student with the name of the pose
  • I will choose a pose and instruct each student out loud to perform and practice while roaming and observing the students.
  • We will move from pose to pose in appropriate timing, making sure each student has a chance to try each pose.
  • Each student will be engaged and in their own area, assuring that they are on task and interacting.


Lesson Objective (Create): The students will create their own yoga pose to show to the class. The students will also be paired with a partner to create a partner yoga pose (time allowing.)

Examples of partner yoga and individual yoga pose not originally discussed.


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