Background informatIon about tcu:

Mission Statement: To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Vision: To be a world-class, values-centered university.

School Colors: Purple and White

School Mascot: The Horned Frog

Texas Christian University is located in Fort Worth, Texas

The top 10 majors that this school has offered are... 1) Argriculture 2) Arts/Theatre Arts 3) Buisness 4) Computer Programming 5) Education 6) Engineering 7) Environment 8) Family Services 9) Law/Government 10) Medical/Health Science

The sports that this school has offered are...

Baseball ⚾️ (Men Only)...

Basketball πŸ€...

TCU's Basketball Court

Cross Country...

Equestrian Competition Team

Equestrian 🐴 (Women only)...

Football 🏈 (Men Only)...

Golf ⛳️...

Rifle Team (Women Only)...

Soccer ⚽️(Women Only)...

Swimming and Diving 🏊...

Tennis 🎾...

Track and Field πŸƒ...

Beach Volleyball β˜€οΈ (Women Only)...

and Regular Volleyball 🏐 (Women Only)

TCU has many clubs. These clubs teaches the members to interact, be entertained, challenged, be involved and so many other things. They have over 100+ clubs in these categories...

TCU's clubs: Academics, Special Interest, Service, Buisness, Cultural, Preforming Arts, Social Justice, Graduate Students, Military, Spirit, Religious and Student Governance

Most students live on campus. 49% on campus in the dorms while 51% live outside the school's CAMPUS

The amount of students Texas Christian University currently has is 10,394 students attending.

Tcu's annual cost is $41,648 each year

The amount of students that receive financial aid is 4,346 undergraduates (50.7%)

The average sat scOre of the All the students was 1270 out of 1600

Graduates: 1,465 graduate students // Undergraduates: 8,892 undergraduate students

The percentage Of men and women that attends this school is... 40% MALE anD 60% FEMALE

Percentage of various races attending tcu:

0.8% America Indian/Alaskan Native

2.7% Asian

5.1% Black/African American

11.7% Hispanic/Latino

0.3% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)

0.3% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

77.1% White

1.9% Unknown

5 InterestIng facts you might have not known abOut tcu:

1) TCU has a lot of out of the state kids: Although it has Texas in its name, TCU is a nationwide school. Almost half of the student body comes from somewhere other than Texas!

2) Two brothers founded TCU in 1873 in Thorp Spring, Texas. The original name of TCU was AddRan Male and Female College. The school later on moved to Waco in 1895. The name was changed to AddRan Christian University in 1889 and then Texas Christian University in 1902. TCU then came to downtown Fort Worth in 1910.

3) The acceptance rate for TCU in 2015 was 43% meaning 57% of people who applied didn't get in

4) TCU's total investments as of June 30, 2016 of approximately $1.514 billion

5) 4. TCU Has A Budget Just For Flowers: Mary Evans Beasley, a TCU benefactor, loved the university so much that she gave over $450,000 specifically for the campus flower gardens and lawns. After she died in 2005, the school received another $100,000 to keep her memory alive by making sure that the campus was as maintained as possible. This is why TCU has a lot of various pretty flowers around their campus.

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