Chapter 9: From Good to Great To Built to Last Lauren Rust, Sarah Dunn, Daniel Trotter, Kristina Ward, Emily Gummo, & michael Stafford

How does Good to Great connect to Built to Last?
  1. Established Company or Start-up & Good to Great Concepts
  2. Sustained Great Results & Built to Last Concepts
  3. Enduring Great Company

4 Key Concepts of Built to Last

  1. Clock Building, Not Time Telling
  2. Genius of AND
  3. Core Ideology
  4. Preserve the Core/Stimulate Progress

First Who...Then What & Genius of AND

Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus

Why Greatness?

So, the question of Why greatness? is almost a nonsense question. If you're engaged in work that you love and care about...then the question needs no answer. The question is not why, but how.


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