It's all about the Process... natural wonder by natalie pratt


When I read the topic of "natural wonder" I thought of terrariums. Combining the man-made with the natural, and it intrigued me to paint them. I decided to make my terrariums in lightbulbs because of how strange it seems for plants to live inside of them. So, I began my search. Simply looking on Google and Pinterest I found the pictures that inspired me.


To begin my process, I drew out an idea of what I wanted my final product to look like on Procreate.

This allowed me to mess around with colors and shapes of plants to decide what looked best inside of the lightbulb.


I started with a simple lightbulb and dirt.

Added more dirt

I started adding texture to the dirt.

More texture....

Now I started adding blue highlights to the edges of the lightbulb.

Smoothing it out

Here comes the cactus


Grooves of the cactus

More color and starting the cactus needles.

More needles and a flower.

I added purple shadows to the flower to give it depth.

Finishing touches...

Highlights on the bulb.

Here I started the shadow

And done.

I traced this bigger bulb, but later found out that it is quite simple to draw a bulb from a circle.

I had a lot of fun painting the metal end of the bulbs. I tried several different colors in all of them, and I like how they all turned out different.

This is the biggest of all the bulbs and I really like the highlights I did on it. Also, I think the rocks here have the most depth.
I really like the plant I did on the left. It's contrast is pleasing to the eye. I captured every moment of my cactus bulb on the right, and for this reason I think I put a lot of thought into it, but it was actually a little harder for my painting to flow.
I really like how the dirt looks in this bulb. Also, I like the way the green in the metal part of the bulb compliments the green of the cactus.
...and the process is complete!

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