The Age of Exploration LaRisa Loveland 4A

By: LaRisa Loveland 4A


Causes of Triangular Trade

Slavery The variety of reasons, Africans replaced American Indians as the main population which lead to depopulation. Crops Sugar, Tobacco, and Cotton were the main trades deals which lead to a better culture in the America's. Manufactured goods New technologies were tested through trade, for instance the printing press which lead to the Europeans to have more world power.

Effects of triangular trade

Depopulation in Africa Males 15-25 who were the created production inventive & skilled segment of the population. It caused cultural damage. The wars and raiding caused multiple deaths.World Power in Europe It helped the empires grow and remain with world powers. It allowed Europe to colonize Africa easier.Culture in the America's Gained African culture- Ideas, Language, religion, views on government, music and foods and art, technology and creativity.

Life On the Open Sea

Causes of Open seas

Diet Sailors had many things to eat but it either wasn't fresh or extremely not healthy which lead to many problems. Ships The ships weren't as safe as people claim to be. And only could travel 100 miles a day. Journeys The ships journeys could take years and could cause many deaths and wrong doings on ships.

Effects of Open Seas

Diet If the food or diet didn't kill you, you were very lucky. Most of the time food would lead to scurvy, sickness and slime. Death @ sea Ships could be dangerously cold and the lack of fresh air below deck lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Ships Work Ships only covered about 100 miles a day and the money they earned was less then 10$ every 2 months.

The Silk Road

Causes of Silk Road

Expensive It was very popular but very expensive and it went through the roman empire. Danger It caused many problems and if it was here the whole world wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be here. Trading Tricks It caused Chinese to be tricked and have problems with anyone involved.

Effects of Silk Road

The cut-off With the problems and the danger and expensiveness it was cut-off. America Now that it is gone america and practically the whole world exist. Technology even though it was cut off it helped us learn and grow more technologies and development.


1. Triangular Trade (spice trade power-point)

2. Life on the open seas (open seas picture)

3. Silk road (Silk road power point)

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