Acton Kindergarten Fun Fair 2018

The Acton Early Years committee celebrated their 4th Annual Acton Kindergarten Fun Fair at Prospect Park on Wednesday, August 29th 2018. This event was created in response to the concerning number of children (currently 41.3%) going into kindergarten with one or more vulnerabilities according to the latest EDI report issued by Our Kids Network. One of the highest areas of vulnerability is in the domain Physical Health and Well-being, particularly the area of fine and gross motor skills.

This event is part of a parent engagement strategy which attempts to educate and connect parents to local and regional supports that they may not be aware of. It is also designed to be a ‘community welcome’ to Acton families who have children going into kindergarten for the first time.

We had a great turnout at this year’s event. Approximately 280 people attended with 89 of them being kindergarten children! Each child received a t-shirt that reflected pride for Acton with “I’m an awesome Acton Kid” on the front and essential, early year’s resources on the back of the shirt. We have heard that some of the children continue to wear their Acton t-shirts long after the event is over!

In order to foster a sense of belonging to their school community, each child had the opportunity to have their picture taken in front of their school banner. The fair also included activities focused on developing physical literacy skills. In addition, there were several community agencies available to provide support and information to families.

This event was a great example of a community working together, for instance, we couldn’t have done this event without the support of the Parent Councils from McKenzie-Smith Bennett, Robert Little and St. Joseph elementary schools - thank you so much!

We realize that it will take time and lots of hard work to improve the EDI results, but the Acton Early Years committee is committed to understanding and making a difference to the underlying factors that impact a child’s developmental readiness for school. We will work together, along with the community, to provide the best opportunities for children in Acton.

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others


Thank you all for your support!


Thank you Tyler Gerrits for capturing the fun!

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