WAGR Syndrome By: Elayna Dodson & Briona King

WAGR is a ____. The W is Wilson's tumor, the A is Aniridia, the G is genitourinary anomalies, and the R is intellectual disability. Some are more common than others.

The Wilson tumor is a rare form of kidney cancer that generally shows in young children but can infrequently be seen in adults. "People with WAGR syndrome have a 45 to 60 percent chance of developing Wilms tumor"

Anriridia is the absence of all or some color of the iris. This defect can cause sensitivity to the eyes or a reduction of vision. This occurs in 50 percent to 85 percent with anriridia. It's typically the first noticeable sign in WAGR Syndrome.

Genitourinary generally occurs in males. It is a defect that causes the testicles to be descended or in an abnormal location. It can also occur in females. In a female, this causes urinary problems inside the body.

Mental retardation is having difficulty processing, learning, and prospering responding to information.

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