Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Media Arts program offers studio based courses within the study of Media Arts. Students will develop and enhance skills through the study of digital photography, film, graphic design, and digital arts; acquire and use an in-depth knowledge of media arts programming; be introduced to concrete and conceptual themes; utilize critical thinking; develop problem-solving skills; conduct critiques; evaluate works of art; explore the relationship between Media Arts and other art forms as well as examine the economics of Media Arts. Students will take a more personal approach in Media Arts while maintaining an artistic journal and portfolio.

William Amos Hough High School Media Arts / Beginning Level Examples / Instructor: Justin Pierce

Augmented Reality

Laura Tinkler 2019

During the beginning of the spring semester 2019, students in Proficient and Advanced level Media Arts courses developed new collage work based around Augmented Reality technologies. Creating original collage works that act as "trigger" images, students worked past their original work to take the viewer farther into the possibilities of their composition and/or narrative direction. Utilizing the HP Reveal AR app, viewers are able to apply the augmented reality over the image.

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Katie Coleman 2019
Isabel Padilla 2019
Ashley Pratt 2019
Autumn Stewart 2019
Jordyn Folk 2019
Jay M. Robinson Middle School / Instructor: Melissa Leftwich


Seventh and eighth grade Media Arts students borrowed a technique called rotoscoping from the movie animation field to create digital self-portraits. Rotoscoping is a technique that animators use to produce realistic action. Originally, animators projected photographed live-action movie images onto a glass panel and traced over each image, frame by frame. These students used the app ProCreate to produce multi-layered rotoscoped images using original photos as inspiration. Students experimented with a variety of brushes to create textures, patterns, and abstract background environments.

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Justin Pierce


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