Our Trip in America Dash, daniel, & sophia

City 1: Charleston, South Carolina

Old slave mart museum

Old Slave Mart Museum used to hold a slave auction. Slavery was imprisoning an african / african american and forcing him and/or her to work. The civil war, or war between the states was fought over slavery. The north prevailed. The emancipation proclamation was written and slavery was finally abolished.

Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter is historically significant because it is home to the first shots in the Civil war were fought. The south, under the command of General P.G.T Beauregard, fired at Fort Sumter, thus beginning the civil war.


Drayton Hall

On March 23, 1870,British Comrade Sir Henry Patrick used Drayton Hall as a hiding place, It is one of the oldest buildings in America. It’s structure represents American freedom

City 2: New York City, New York

Statue of Liberty Sculpted in France by Frederic Bartholdi, it was a gift from France to the United States of As a sign of freedom. It now represents much more. The seven spikes stand both for the 7 seas and 7 continents of the Earth.
Ellis Island Thousands of European immigrants came to Ellis Island for freedom after the American Revolution. Thousands of families were separated, but they were eventually reunited.
Brooklyn Bridge It connects the historic cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the east river. It was the first steel-wire bridge ever built.

city 3 :Boston

Bunker Hill Monument Bunker Hill was a famous battle of the revolutionary war, in which Colonel Samuel Prescott said “ Hold your fire till’ you see the whites of their eyes!” The british won, and Bunker Hill was mistaken for the battle site. The actual battle was at Breed’s Hill.
U.S.S Constitution The U.S.S Constitution was a naval ship in the war of 1812. Under the command of Capt. Isaac Hull was on route to join Commodore John Rodgers. It spent more than 2 days chasing down American warships
Paul Revere House Home to a silversmith and ardent colonist . He fought in both the revolutionary and French & Indian War. He was a Son of Liberty, and took part in the Boston Tea Party He is most famous for delivering news of Concord and Lexington ( Both Massachusetts cities) that the british were coming
thanks for joining our trip across America


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