Celebrating National Nurses & Hospital Week Holland hospital honors those who make a difference

Compassionate. Dedicated. Professional.

The care our nurses deliver to every patient, every day plays an integral role in the healing process. And we’re proud to recognize the 550 nursing staff who make a difference caring for our patients in the hospital, in the doctor’s office and in the community.

Your healing touch and your skilled care reflects Holland Hospital’s commitment to personalized care and a healthier community. We are beyond proud of our nursing team and all caregivers and providers who have been recognized with Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award for the eighth year in a row.

As we celebrate National Nurses and Hospital Week, it is our pleasure to acknowledge you, our nurses, employees and volunteers for your vital role in improving health, your outstanding contributions to your profession and your commitment to excellence.

Thank you for all you do.



We communicate with each other and our patients in powerful ways. A smile in passing. A simple thank you or a compassionate touch to the hand. Maybe it’s an inspiring story or a sympathetic ear. We make a difference by communicating honestly and openly— listening to others and sharing a smile. No matter how big or small, we can have a lasting impact.

Every team. Every one. Every day.

Inspired to Make a Difference

by Tara Ronning, PCA, Holland Hospital Emergency Department

I am a wife, mother and a patient care assistant at Holland Hospital with a background in social work. My care journey began out of college when I began my career in social work. When we started our family, my husband and I decided I would stay home with our children. During that time, we had our triplets. They were born very early requiring neo-natal ICU stays. At four months old, one of our sons passed away from complications of being born prematurely.

During this journey, I saw the hearts and tears of nurses and caregivers (that I now call friends) poured into patients and families. It was not “just a job” to them, but rather, a passion and a gift they could give the families of these young babies. It was their calling in life to give hope and love to the smallest patients. Their calling inspired me to do the same. In the summer of 2012, I had just registered for classes when my husband was a pedestrian struck by a truck. Watching the emergency room nurses, doctors and surgeons, I felt at ease and at home. I look back now and think that was the exact moment I knew this was without a doubt my calling in life.

A few years later, my husband fully supported my return to work in a caregiver role. So I went for it! I started working in the Emergency Department in the fall of 2015 and I absolutely LOVE it! Having been both a patient and now provider, I absolutely know that I have a new calling: I have enrolled in school and am currently working toward becoming a registered nurse. What an opportunity and blessing that I get to do it while working here along the way!



We strive for the highest quality in everything we do. To make a difference, that may mean extra projects or longer hours, but all done with the highest possible outcomes in mind. We don’t seek awards. They are earned by the dedication and commitment to be accountable, to be responsible for our actions, and to help others be successful and always think safety first.

Every team. Every one. Every day.

Every Day Hidden Heroes

Everyday in the life of a Laboratorian is different. You never know what kind of specimen you will be presented with or challenges you will face to ensure the patient receives the highest quality results.

The results we release enable a nurse to care for their patient, a doctor to provide the best treatment plan, and ultimately provide healing to the patient. Recently, the Blood Bank was able to provide Emergency Release blood in under five minutes for a critical need. In a situation where every second counts, we excelled. The staff who work in the laboratory are never singular, they know that it takes a team to make a difference in a patient’s life, even if the patient has no idea who we are or what we do. We do our jobs to the highest of our ability, with patient safety and high quality always at the forefront of what we do.

Customer Service


We make a difference by placing patient and customer needs first, responding in a timely manner, treating each other with respect and dignity, and always maintaining a positive attitude. Above and beyond, even in the most challenging of situations, we serve as role models by giving our best effort and inspiring others to do the same.

Every team. Every one. Every day.

Service With a Smile

Members of the Holland Hospital Housekeeping team enjoy a light-hearted moment.

With over 40 full-time and 16 part-time staff, our Housekeeping team provides a necessary and valued service to our hospital, patients and visitors. Providing a clean, safe environment is a priority, which has a huge impact on patient satisfaction and infection control. Turning around inpatient rooms in less than 60 minutes also positively affects wait times in the Emergency Department.

The biggest impact housekeeping has is the day-to-day interaction with patients, visitors and staff. Patients and visitors often comment on how pleasant the staff is, and patients appreciate the interaction they have with housekeepers while they are cleaning rooms. That’s a great comfort to many families who may be going through a difficult time.

Considering the scale of their duties—supporting almost 500,000 square feet per day, and cleaning over 14,000 in-patient rooms per year—the exceptional customer service Housekeepers provide makes a difference every day.



Outside the norm and outside the box, and sometimes out of our comfort zone, we challenge ourselves daily to make a difference by exploring innovative ways to improve the lives of our patients and community. We seek each other’s ideas and input and collaborate to bring concepts to reality.

Every team. Every one. Every day.

Make a Kid Giggle

by Sue Strazanac, Care Management, Boven Birth Center

The Boven Birth Center and Care Management teams are working together to make a difference with some of our local school children by working with Kids’ Food Basket. One in five children is affected by hunger each day, many right here in our city. Holland Kids’ Food Basket sends a sack supper home with these children who are having issues with food insecurity. This gives them a balanced evening meal so that they can be at their best in school and in life!

From May 2 through May 25, we are raising awareness in our two departments by asking our teams (and families) to decorate sack supper bags. Fortunately, superior drawing skills are not required! By simply drawing something as easy as a happy face or a butterfly on one of the bags, we are making kids smile and realize someone out there took a minute or two just for them. We are also accepting donations of snack bags and money, but awareness is our main focus. We just want our teams to have fun, let their creative side loose and make a kid giggle.

For more information, visit kidsfoodbasket.org.

Celebrating National Nurses & Hospital Week

Every team. Every one. Every day.

Holland Hospital physicians, employees and volunteers make the exceptional possible with extraordinary work throughout our organization. Whether it’s providing life-saving care, reassuring a family member, collaborating to improve patient care, or simply lending a helping hand to a colleague, you make a difference in the lives of our patients and community.

Thank you for bringing our mission— to continually improve the health of the communities we serve in the spirit of hope, compassion, respect and dignity— to life.

Thank You for Making A Difference.

602 Michigan Avenue, Holland, Michigan 49423 | info@hollandhospital.org

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