Subscription to Ecojesuit A Report of the Latest Count of Subscribers of Ecojesuit

To record the number of people subscribed to Ecojesuit, a dataset which presents the monthly tally of subscribers from different countries was created. Data from previous years were used to assess the current number of subscriptions for the English, Spanish, and French edition of the site. Only those lists of subscribers with confirmed subscription were exported from PhpList, the official open-source mailing lists management software of Ecojesuit, to ensure data validity.

As of 1 January 2017, there are 2,345 subscribers of Ecojesuit which include 1,367 subscribers for the English edition; 895 subscribers for the Spanish edition; and 83 subscribers for the French edition.

Most of the subscribers are from Europe and Central Asia (542), Latin America and the Caribbean (241), and North America (205). A total of 1,124 subscribers, however, decided not to specify their country or current location.

Table 1 shows the number of subscribers per language per year and the total number of subscribers annually. From 1,158 subscribers in 2011, it increased to 1,373 in 2012 (+215); 1,557 in 2013 (+184); 1,674 in 2014 (+117); 2112 in 2015 (+438); and 2,346 in 2016 (+234). In 2016, the data reveal that majority of the subscriptions are for English, with additional 266 subscribers in 2015 and 139 in 2016. The Spanish edition of Ecojesuit remains second with the recorded 129 new subscribers in 2015 and 61 in 2016.

Meanwhile, to find out if there is an increase of English subscribers in 2015, the average number of subscribers from 2011 to 2014 was calculated (the result is 23.49) and was used as baseline. This suggests that month(s) in 2015 with 23 subscribers (or more than the said number) show an "observed" increase on subscription rate. The data reveal that the subscription in February (49), March (27), April (25), July (25), September (26), October (23), and November (28) have increased from the previous year (2014).

From 2011 to 2015, the average number of subscriber became 23.18. This also means that month(s) with 23 subscribers (or more than this number) show an "observed" increase on subscription rate. Data in 2016 reveal that only the month August has increased with 28 new subscribers.

Table 2 shows the recorded session for Ecojesuit in 2015. The table shows that high number of sessions were recorded in May, June, July, and August. Some of the articles published during this period are listed below. Meanwhile, there were 3,699 recorded sessions, 3,348 recorded individual users, and 3,925 page views in 2015.

Table 3 shows the recorded session for Ecojesuit in 2016. The table shows that a high number of sessions were recorded in January, August, November, and December. Some of the articles published during this period are listed below. Meanwhile, there were 736 recorded sessions, 578 recorded individual users, and 1,153 page views in 2016.

Although the data show that there are more new visitors in 2015 (3,571) than in 2016 (577), the number of returning visitors (previous users who view content) has increased in 2016 (159) from 128 in 2015.

Source: Ecojesuit 2017 Dataset

Jesuits and their partners throughout the world are invited to understand and share in the critical work of reconciliation and responding to ecological concerns (GC35 Decree 3). Ecology and Jesuits in Communication or Ecojesuit, initiated by the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) and the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP), is an online communication currently in Spanish, English, and French, open to all who share in this vision and action.

Ecojesuit is an online newsletter that offers contemporary, original, and exclusively written commentaries, reflections and insights, analysis, and exchange of ideas and practices on various ecological and social concerns such as those that relate to water and watershed management, mineral development, food security, impact and adaptations to climate change, disaster risk resilience, renewable and alternative energy, Indigenous Peoples and cultural integrity, sustainable development, among others.

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