things i <3 :3

this is cute :3

cats are soooo cute i love cats :3

slime :3

this is slime slime is soooo satesfying :3

bffs <3

these girls are bffs thay are soo goals , i love my besties :3

here is a video off slimeeeeee :3


i love gymnastics , my fav gymnast is annie leblanc <3

here is a video off her <3

youtube <3

i love youtube , i watch it about 5 hours a day :3 my fav youtuber is ldshadowlady heres one off her clips

musical-ly is an app where you can make short music videos to a looooot of songs one off my fav musers is @nattid she is vere insparatinal

here is some off her m.lys :3 <3

here is one off my besties <3 her name is linn :3 she has a youtube subscribe!

i also have a youtube plz sub to me and my bestie <3

yeaaahhhhh were kina wierd togheter :3 <3

i have another bestie her name is dotti but we like yo call her duttelina :3 we have a yt togheter its calledf DUTTELINA PIGELINA Tube <3

this is a video on my channel but with DUTTELINA b cus we have not posted a video on our channel yet



Created with images by DnlRxn - "Mitsui" • cortto - "do not ever call me cute pussy"

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