In defense of Donna osborn

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Kim Lenore is an expert in "battered woman syndrome". She has testified in over 25 cases regarding women who suffered violence at the hands of their significant others. In addition, she has several degrees in psychology. Her testimony proves to you that Donna Osborn was justified in killing her husband.

For years, Clinton Osborn isolated and both physically and verbally abused the defendant. As stated by Lenore, Donna is a prime candidate of "battered women syndrome". Donna was subjected to isolation: she had no friends, no source of individual income, and had no way of leaving the house. Not only was Donna cut off from the rest of the world, but she also was the victim of domestic brutality which resulted in multiple emergency trips to the doctor. As a battered woman, however, Donna was compelled by guilt to defend all of her husband's heinous actions, until she reached the point of "enlightenment" in which she saw her husband for the monster he was. As Donna reached this point, Clinton too reached a sort of enlightenment: he realized his wife was becoming independent, and he wanted his control back. He thretatened her life, which brought Donna to the edge.

Clinton Osborn threatened to murder his wife. The woman he promised to love and to cherish was now paralyzed with terror at the thought of a meeting with death. From the very start of their marriage, Donna was always at the mercy of her husband. She was estranged from her friends and forced to be dependent upon Clinton as if he were her father. Constantly, he mocked and crictized her, wearing away at her self-esteem. He made her think every problem in their marriage was her fault. How could she be such an awful wife to the sweet man who gave her a beautiful home and son? Clinton Osborn brainwashed his wife into a complicit, shameful woman. If the emotional torment wasn't enough, Clinton threw his wife down a flight of stairs, sent a baseball flying at her head, and threatened to bash her head with a baseball bat. When Donna's life was put on the line, she made the choice that any woman would make. She shot her husband and saved her life.

Under the testimony of Jack Matthews, Lee Harris, Kim Lenore, and the defendant, Donna Osborn, all of the evidence points to her favor. If Donna Osborn hadn't murdered her husband that day, there is no doubt that she would not be here today, safe and alive. She rightfully defended herself from her husband's wrath; he was abusive, and ultimately an immediate threat to both Donna and her son, Clinton.

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