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Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day is February 27th--this Wednesday

Join us and sport one of these sleek 5 star review posters. We collected stories from all your Yelp and Google reviews and made a posters for each county. If you get a chance you should check your yelp reviews--they are amazing.

The weather report looks promising, mostly sunny with a slight chance of snow. The SALS Pilot is gassed up and ready to go. Unfortunately, all the seats have now been reserved.

These are some of my favorite quotes.

I especially love their online catalog to request books: it's like online shopping
This is an awesome library!
I moved out of New York because I got tired of being trapped inside for so much of the year due to cold weather, but if more places were like this library, maybe I wouldn't have minded so much.

Annual Report Info-graphic

It's that fun time of the year again... Just after finishing your annual report and now you get to share it with your community. But who in their right mind would want to read the NYS annual report? NO ONE! Make it interesting for your customers.

Just like last year I will be happy to make an infographic for print or your website. It will look something like this, but with your logos and your numbers. Granted this is my rough draft so it will look a bit cleaner. As this is a work in progress if you have ideas or something special I would be happy to include it. Or if you really liked last year's version I suppose I can break it out of retirement for one more showcase showdown.

FYI: These are made up numbers.

NY Reads: Drawdown

The NYLA Sustainability Initiative has created the New York Reads: Drawdown Toolkit to supply your library or community group with resources to help you host conversations around the essays found in Drawdown for the month of March 2019 so that citizens, organizations and whole communities are ready for the Drawdown EcoChallenge (April 3-24, 2019).

For the month of March https://salon.overdrive.com/ will be promoting access to Drawdown. We will have more copies than you can shake an upcycled stick at!


READsquared is the NYS sponsored summer reading tool, similar to BeanStack. SALS will still offer BeanStack this summer (and we will have our own upcoming training/work group) but for those interested the full version of READsquared will be available to your library this summer. For those interested in something different I recommend attending the Kick-Off Webinar for READsquared, Thursday. March 7th 1:30-2:30.


Amanda Latreille, Principal, AmaLat Consulting LLC Sharon Phillips, Library Development Specialist, Youth Services, New York State Library Barry Young, President, READsquared

Cost: FREE

Participants: Intended for public library staff, especially those involved with the summer reading program or other reading programs

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/wpFsmPYRyEyy5eaQ2

The Vault

YSS Spring Conference

Friday April 26th @ the Double Tree Inn, Terrytown.

If you'd like to attend but aren't sure you can afford to go think about the NEW–2019 Continuing Education Challenge Grant

SALS will offer ten Continuing Education Challenge Grants of up to $1,000 per library

  • March 29, 2019
  • June 28, 2019
  • September 27, 2019

Be sure to submit before the March 29th deadline

Voice Activated Grilled Cheese Making Machine

Either the greatest invention ever or how I inevitability burn down my apartment...

Hey google, burn down my apartment please.
Created By
Jack Scott


Created with an image by Nathan Anderson - "Wind in the mountains"

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