LENE On ADX 20% Project

What are you planning to do for your project?

I am planning to partner up with Adolfo Granados future fashion designer. The initial idea was to recycle myself and give back to any local place with a purpose. Although Ms.Beaman gave us time in class to discuss amungst one another idea and get some feedback from our peers.

How are you planning on documenting/sharing your project?

We plan on documenting each move we make. Now how is a good question but we are definitely going to make it work. With the support at school i''m sure we can use schools editing apps etc.Sharing our project shouldn't be hard. Promoting it on each of our platforms such as social medias, school ,and outside life.

Why are you doing this? What is the purpose of your project?

I am doing this to get in touch with my fashionable sense and to give back to the community. The purpose of this project is too gain knowledge and more communication skills. Also in hopes of getting noticed by our peers or even someone who holds power that can help us in anyway to pitch the idea out.


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