LENE On ADX 20% Project

Welcome to my blog where i will give insight on our daily movements and whats to come!!

Blog #1

What are you planning to do for your project?

I am planning to partner up with Adolfo Granados future fashion designer. The initial idea was to recycle myself and give back to any local place with a purpose. Although Ms.Beaman gave us time in class to discuss amungst one another idea and get some feedback from our peers.

How are you planning on documenting/sharing your project?

We plan on documenting each move we make. Now how is a good question but we are definitely going to make it work. With the support at school i''m sure we can use schools editing apps etc.Sharing our project shouldn't be hard. Promoting it on each of our platforms such as social medias, school ,and outside life.

Why are you doing this? What is the purpose of your project?

I am doing this to get in touch with my fashionable sense and to give back to the community. The purpose of this project is too gain knowledge and more communication skills. Also in hopes of getting noticed by our peers or even someone who holds power that can help us in anyway to pitch the idea out.

Blog #2

Project Description. Describe your projects’ focus and goals in 1-2 sentences. What will you study, do, and document?

My projects focus is to grasp knowledge on basic fashion needs. With that being done we will give all the charitable items to foster kids in hope for a smile in return.

Needs, Purpose, and Passion. Why does this project need to happen? Why is it valuable or worthwhile? Consider its importance and affect in your life, your community, and/or the world. How will your project have a positive impact on you and on an aspect of the community?

My project is valuable and important because my peers will see what we’re doing and there will be some sort of commentary towards our actions. I usually do everything with a purpose but for me i just will get genuine happiness knowing we put customized clothing on a kids backs but on top of that it’s handmade with heart. I also believe it will benefit my friend Adolfo since he got accepted to FIDM this could be a taste of what he might be doing in the future. He can possibly present this project to his college and be admired even more. Another aspect for me is just new constant knowledge this won’t be a waste of time i will learn a lot and interact with people i’ve never met and try get things done in the real world.

Audience/Clients/Users. Who will benefit from your project? Who is the intended audience of your product?

The targeted people are kids we haven’t decided age wise but we wanted to give back to younger kids that need clothes. I’m not to sure if older people will want our designs that shall be a challenge accepted. Initially the people receiving will benefit most ut like i stated before Adolfo can benefit by presenting this project somewhere other than youtube. As or myself i will gain a lot of knowledge in the fashion aspect and i like to dabble in everything to make sure i don't miss out on anything to ver be left with “what if’. Lastly if we get lucky to see who wears our clothes we can have a conversation with them and try to give them advice or some guidance to give them hope that there is good out there they just need some motivation.

Research Overview. In order to become an “expert” in the realm you have chosen to focus, you will need to conduct some research. Your research might be done online, it might involve enlisting the support/guidance of a mentor, and/or it might involve going out and gathering data from observations or interviews. Provide an overview of your planned research and research goals--what will your research consist of?

We will have to research the place we are going to give back to, not going to walk into a random location and hand them a bag full of clothes with no reasoning or explanation behind it. Googling shelters or find an ad of some sort , setting up an interview to find out on average how many people are there times, are people willing to talk to us,

Product/Documentation. What are you making, creating, or producing? Describe and explain your end product with clarity and specificity. What will you have to share with the world, and how will you go about sharing it?

We are creating our own clothes. With the money we make recycling we plan to go buy clothes and everything needed such as thread , pin needles, fabric, and buttons. Adolfo and myself have other items at home machine wise and extra items such as a work space. The goal is to put clothes on at least 5 to 7 kids.

Reality Check. What challenges have you encountered so far, and what challenges do you expect? What questions do you have? Will you need a budget, help, equipment? How will you meet and overcome these challenges?

A challenge we have encountered is finding who we are going to give back to. I also expect to struggle with time managment and actually making the clothes. We will need a budget were are just shooting for the stars right now depending on our recycling to make money. We shall overcome these challenges with our mentor he suggests foster homes rather than a homeless shelter because it is more local. Also we need t go recycle now to find out how much we have i think we are being lazy and our communication isn’t there so we set a dates to meet.

Conclusions & Elevator Pitch. Sum it up in 2-3 sentences. Why are you excited about this project, your learning, and its impact? Inspire us to support you and have enthusiasm for this project.

I am excited about this project because i am going to get more knowledge in fashion and decide whether or not it’s for me. Also to see Adolfo grow and express himself for when he hits college and knows more than his fellow candidates.

Blog #3

Mentor communication Plan

With our mentor we have chosen charlie from our interact club. He was the one who gave us a list of shelters to look at. I'm not to comfortable talking to him alone obviously its strictly business but charlie is a nice individual but gets side tracked easily that's why i prefer Adolfo talking to him.

Blog 4: We discussed today the days we need to meet. So officially we meet every Thursday with charlie and in class with each other. This is going to be a problem with adolfo working and me swimming.
Blog 5 We are so excited we have gained over 50 plus followers on our page and it's getting announced! Our project is known now throughout my family and friends.
Blog 6 : During this week adolfo and i finalized the shelter we are going to help. The previous one was to scandalous according to the stores reviews. It wasn't even the store but the workers there are greedy and selfish.
Blog 7 : Adolfo and i presented our 20% project to a panel of teachers and didn't get feedback. The rubric stated we were not being specific. As well as me wearing sandals not being professional. I personally feel we are struggling with actually starting the project itself. We need to go see what we are working with and n in our cans and bottles to go buy the jackets and START. our scheduals are so hectic its hard to find a common men.
Blog #8 our patches have finally arrived therefore this week we will go recycle our cans and head to a store in riverside called savers very excited the process is almost over. We finally found a day we both are not not busy.
Blog #9 i am really glad we have the symposium around the corner its an eye opener to a lot of us that we really need to keep going because we get carried away with our life's and forget about the project.
Blog 10 Our symposium presentation went well i believe we received a lot of positive feedback some even said we were inspirational. I am
Blog11: Adolfo and i have finally received the okay to volunteer at the shelter. Although Adolfo is not 18 so we are looking to get a waiver so he doesn't need supervision.
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