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Ah, summer. The smell of cum and period blood invades your nostrils with each rising sun (thanks, Pyrus calleryana - Google it). Every step on the steaming sidewalk welcomes a new bead of sweat down your back. THERE ARE ROMPERS. EVERYWHERE. For queers (read: gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, agendered, etc.), summer also initiates LGBTQ+ pride events all across the world. "Pride" today is, unfortunately, synonymous with almost-naked muscly men, alcohol poisoning, and poppers. People often forget this public porn spectacle was once a battle for queer rights to merely exist. The largest mass homicide in US history in an Orlando gay club on June 12th, costing the lives of over 49 LGBTQ+ people of color (and their allies) is an ironic and gut wrenching testament of how far we've come, how much visibility is upon us, and how much more we have to fight to rid the world of bigotry, hatred, and violence against us.

Jacket - Commes des Garçon // Sunnies - OAK

The word "faggot" is often used with caution within the queer community. Some folks appreciate its reverberations, serving as a testament to our ongoing fight for acceptance. This is our word to use to empower one another. Others see the word as demeaning - it's acidic history as a slur still stinging from school days when our young peers tossed it in our faces or bros on the street (probably in the closet, as they tend to be) clench it out of their tight, hankering assholes.

The Cock - 93 2nd Ave NY

Mister Wallace, born and raised in Chicago and now living in Brooklyn, recently released his first EP, FAGGOT (automatically censored on iTunes and Apple Music, but bare in all its glory on Tidal.) Serving dark and evil cunt with a princess charm, FAGGOT implores you to fight your way through haters, tricks, and vultures and rise to the top through hard work, impeccable taste, and a comfortability and realness within yourself that makes introverts cower in fear.

She's flexible 😏

Wallace and I linked up during his quick visit to Chicago. In standard faggot fashion, we attended Sungay brunch at Soho House, which, if you've never been, consists of high heels and thotty hotties. Wallace's hair was long, blonde, and braided, with a silky salmon-colored dress that was melty to the touch.

It was great to see you at Soho House Chicago this weekend for Sungay Brunch! You looked like royalty. I don’t kiss many people on the lips ::wink::

Thank you. I felt Midwest royalty in my Paul Sisti ensemble.

What are your favorite spots in Chicago? Night-life, food-life, day-life, sex-life, etc.?

Everything has changed since I moved and many of my favorite places are no longer. Tamirid is my favorite sushi spot. It's great for first dates and hanging out with girl-friends.

What has the transition been like moving from Chicago to New York? Is living in Brooklyn what you expected?

So much and more. The transition was less scary than I thought. My network in NYC was just as big if not bigger than Chicago so I had a lot of support.

What are the biggest differences between the two cities when it comes to networking, music, the fag scene, etc.?

NYC has a much more established scene of artist. In Chicago there seems to be a limited supply of gigs and resources so we have a much smaller scene here. In NYC things are vast and more organized because you have more people involved. The community aspect has been great for me. As an outsider in NYC I can work with lots of different scenes freely.

You have so many looks - sporty, couture, high-fashion…do you have a favorite?

These days sweatpants is all I want to wear and often do. It's partly for comfort but people have gotten so use to seeing me dressed up as a femme goddess that when I come through in some sweats people gag and that's the whole point of this life.

While living in Chicago, you hosted PLAYING GAMES at Wang’s - an event that promoted individuality and allowed attendees to step out of their comfort zones (and even host!) What did that function mean to you then? What does it mean to you now?

Playing Games was about shaking up the scene in Chicago. It's a small scene and we get trapped in ruts here. I wanted something that inspired those in the community to look at nightlife differently. Now I want to take that concept to NYC and create a new wave of individualism.

I remember you once asked me to host PLAYING GAMES. At first I was too scared, then I agreed, but wanted a partner… by the time I was ready, you were off to New York! Were you ever nervous to perform in front of a crowd? How did you overcome it?

I'm nervous almost every time. It's sort of like jumping in a pool. You know it's gonna be cold but after the initial shock you feel an overwhelming sense of belonging.

Your hair is stunning. Who flipped it?

Photo by @jeffosmiley
The blonde style I had on Sunday was flipped by the legendary Kevin Aviance. We were up on 125th and found the most fabulous ponytails and made them into a curly short bob.

Who inspired the look?

The look was inspired by my late cousin Charles. He was the first fabulous person I had the pleasure of gracing my eyes upon. I can still remember how shocking it was to see him being confident in what I only knew as "women's" attire. Everything from his nails to his hair was fabulous and I instantly had a yearning to have the same impact on other people.

Your recently released Faggot EP is truly astonishing. I can’t stop listening - particularly to “Whoremoan”. What does the word “faggot” mean to you?


You and aCeb00mbaP, featured on the album, seem inseparable. How did you two meet? How do you two push each other to keep creating (such amazing pieces of art?)

We met when he was bartending and managing at Wang's. Holding space for someone isn't hard to do. It's especially easy for me to do so with aCe and in turn him with I. When we get out of each other's way it offers us the space we need to create. We do that for one another.

Sex and sexuality seem to be the theme of this album. Do you feel you are in your sexual prime?

I'm definitely in the awakening to my sexual power but more so how my body has always been viewed as something to consume and how I can fluctuate my market price.

Which aspect(s) of sex do you find intriguing but haven’t yet had an opportunity to explore?

The aspects I've yet to find. I'm always exploring.

What’s your drug of choice? Why?

Scotch. It's the Mister in me.

Every time I peep your instagram you’re traveling around the U.S. What’s next for Mister Wallace? When’s the next EP / album?

You'll have to keep following to find out @wallacewallacewallace

To wrap up, list three words that best describe you.

New Wave Cunt

What advice can you share with queer community following the events in Orlando?

Violence isn't a new concept and violence in queer spaces isn't a new history. It's happened. And it's still happening. But fear isn't the response. Maintaining visibility and holding our communities and representatives accountable for creating and protecting our spaces is the best way we can respond to the events. Specifically we need to be drawing attention to the most at risk in our communities. The QTPOC communities around the world face life or death situations everyday. It's a reality we need to honor and then work to change together.
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