Social Psychology The Study of psychology

How do you act when you are alone versus when you are with your friends, parents, and co-workers? When you are alone, are you quiet, take naps, play video games, or just talk on the phone? When you are with your parents, are you more reserved as in watching what you say when telling jokes or acting innocent? Are you more carefree with friends: laughing out loud, telling jokes, saying obscene language, etc. With co-workers are you more professional? You may tell jokes, laugh and talk among them, but you behave similarly as if you are in the presence of your family. This is called Social Psychology. We are influenced by others in how we behave and think. Watch the video below to learn more about social influence.

You can be yourself around family, but your behavior is more reserved

You are more comfortable around close friends. You let loose and can be yourself 100%

You are more professional with co-workers. You may tell a few jokes occasional, but you keep it simple. You know there are boundaries.

Assignment 1: For your homework, complete the following task: Using spark adobe, create a photo grid or glideshow of your personal social conformity with friends, family, and co-workers. You can take pictures with individuals and add captions as I have in my presentions, you can add cartoon or anime images and add captions, etc.

Assignment 2: Write a one-page paper, double-spaced of how you personally conform to society's norms regarding social psychology.

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