London, England Anthony bray

Big Ben Clock Tower

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

Westminster Abby

Big Ben Clock Tower

The Big Ben Clock tower is probably one of the most famous sites to see in the world, it was built 158 years ago and was originally just a clock but now its expanded what is called the Palace of Westminster.

The Buckingham Palace is the home to the infamous Royal Family, parts of the palace are open to the public so you can take tours with audio tour guides. The Buckingham Palace is magnificent in its architecture and beautiful interior design. From its paintings to furniture the Buckingham Palace is a must see for all travelers.

The London Eye is a fantastic place to go to take it all in, it is centrally located and allows you to catch a glimpse of all of London's greatest attractions. When visited at night the London Eye becomes not only a great tourist site, but quite the "date night" spot as its very romantic in the night time. The cost for a ride is $40 and that ticket will allow you to cut the line and ride it right away.

Westminster Abby is a absolutely stunning cathedral to visit when traveling to London as its the famous spot where the royal family was married there. This 700 year old building really shows the true meaning of beautiful.

Yorkshire Pudding, Sheppard's Pie, and Fish and Chips are three popular delicious meals to eat in London, all of which I definitely recommend. The Yorkshire Pudding is more a side dish rather then a main course but all the others are something to order at a restaurant as a entree.

Direct Round-trip flights to London are around $1,130 and one way tickets are about $900-1,130 so the better financial decision is to purchase a round trip ticket.

You can stay at this Kensington Hotel in London which is located near museums and is $138 dollars a night.

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