Learning Objective #5 Professor Interview


For my Professor Interview I choose to interview Mrs. Julia Wright, my CPR Professor. I choose to interview Mrs. Wright because throughout this semester, I have seen how passionate and caring she is about her job, and I felt that I could learn a lot from interview.

Question #1: Why did you decide this career position? Question #2: What general advice would you give college students? Question #3 What are your expectations for students in your classroom? Question#4 What are the most common mistakes that students make? Question #5 How do you define teaching?


I choose Mrs. Wright for my professor interview because she is one of the most helpful, understanding, and experienced teachers I haver ever had. Mrs. Wright's lessons in class also portray these values. Instead of lecturing us about the material, Mrs. Wright gets us very involved with her lessons. Every class she has us preform CPR on different kinds of manikins in real life situations, instead of lecturing us about it. She is one of the most interactive teachers I have ever had, and I really appreciate that. I also choose Mrs. Wright because I knew her answers to my questions would be very accurate and helpful. However, I really was surprised by how accurate her responses were. For example, when I asked her what are the most common mistakes student make, her response directly highlighted the mistakes I made last semester. She thought the most common mistakes students make are cutting class, overloading on courses, and going in alone. I skipped too many classes, overloaded on my courses, and did not seek enough help from my professors and the university. Therefore, her response was spot on. I also learned from her responses that teachers aren't just there to bore and nag you, they are there to motivate and inspire you. Mrs. Wright's definition of teaching in her response, which she defines as doing, educating, and inspiring, really taught me that teachers really do want the best from their students. I have learned that through Mrs. Wright's responses, and have seen it through the way Mrs. Wright inspires her students. She is always pushing us because she wants to see us fulfill our potential. This interview only helped boost my already high perception of Mrs. Wright further, and taught me a lot about teacher's viewpoints.


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