3D print By:Michael

Bulldogs is what I have picked because I've always wanted a bulldog and I loved this show where this specific bulldog was on a cartoon.

How I prepared this 3D print I brainstormed on cartoon character to pict and then I decided to 3D print this character and next I had to take a picture of it then in photo shop I had to fix the character and make it able to 3D print it also after that there was a 12 to 17 minute wait then when it finished it look really cool because I never seeen something like that

3D printing is cool becuse once you load the machine with a filament witch in my case was blue and the 3D printer has like a little finger that moves around to make your 3D print but as I call it the finger moves around really fast and it goes by layers after it is done with that it get in to details.
this the bulldog fully finished it has been 3D printed and i think it turned out good not as cool as i thought but it was a cool thing to make from i was thinking it was going to look like it is was actually pretty decent i am really proud that it turd out kind of realistic to what it was as just a picture i could take more time shaping it up to me the most coolest part was were thee machine was printing it and my final thought on this 3D print is how it turned of

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