Fish Farm/Overfishing By: gavan sahota

Some human activities that make an impact on overfishing is that when we overfish it causes the marine life to imbalance because if fishers and fisheries are catching a big amounts fish that means that the predators have no source of food which means that predators will be trying to eat or kill other predators which causes a imbalance in marine life because when the predators are killing each other the prey (small fish) will take over and will be at the top of the food chain which means the small fish will become the predators which causes a huge imbalance in marine life. Some organizations that are trying to put an end to overfishing or that are trying to lessen overfishing are THE WWF organization. The WWF organization is helping In this situation by informing other communities the effects that overfishing can put on the economy and marine life. The WWF organization are also addressing this worldwide issue to big and small news company's. The WWF say that “Through collaboration with a variety of partners we strive to transform fisheries so that they are sustainable, have minimal impact on the environment and can provide food and livelihoods for years to come”
Aquaculture, Fish farming is gonna be part of our future, fish farms pollute and are inefficient but will be part of our future if we keep overfishing. It takes 15 pounds of wild fish just to get 1 pound of farmed tuna that is a 15 to 1 conversion ratio. Fish farming is just large amounts of being bred of one purpose of being food to eat that is called aquaculture. Fishing farming started of just being practices by a lot of people and now has gone worldwide it has become of a efficient way to bred fish and also get food. Fish farming is not totally efficient as it has pros and cons.
There was a fish farm created that don't feed their fish as they eat what they would be eating in the wild this farm has the best feed conversion ratio as there isn't one. It is a rich system the fish eat the plant biomass, the phytoplankton that's what the fish feed off, the system is totally self-renewing. The system is so healthy it purifies water that comes in from the Guadalquivir River when the water leaves it leaves cleaner then it came in.`
Pros being it's a good origin of living it gives a secures and stable way for fishers to obtain a life, as that will acquire them more time at home as they don’t always have to go on boats for a while leaving their families. Fish farming is really good as it doesn’t destroy coral reefs fish are contained in a large cage was they can swim freely inside the cage, the nets that are used while fishing destroy the coral reefs but with fish farm it will help to keep fishing with nets to a minimum.
Although the fish farms have the pros they also have cons. Fish farming also bring a big environmental impact as a large part of the aquatic ecosystem have been destroyed in order to sustain fish farms.There’s a risk of eating fish from a fish farm because it has been given drugs. Fish farms are using pesticides to avoid infections. The fish are also treated with drugs in order to prevent sickness and diseases. These chemicals affect the ecosystem and also consumers health.

This is a video, explaining overfishing, fish farms and much more

What is overfishing? Overfishing, the word explains itself, to overfish or to catch a large number of fish. So what actually is overfishing. Overfishing is when fishers catch commercially valuable fish or marine animals like sharks seabirds etc. When the fishers catch non valuable fish they most likely throw them back into the water or they'll be already dead so they just throw them away. When people overfish it not only affects the marine ecosystem but it also affects us, because when we overfish it causes the economy to overpopulated and it causes the economy to fluctuate. Which is bad for not only the marine ecosystem but also for us. If we keep over fishing it will lead to humans having to fish farm which is unhealthy for human, marine ecosystem and not sustainable.
Why is overfishing a problem? Overfishing Is a problem because when people overfish it causes a huge imbalance in the marine ecosystem because when we overfish people usually want to catch the more commercially valued fish like silverfish etc. When marine animals are caught in huge numbers this causes a huge imbalance because when these fish are caught in large numbers the food chain can be broken, and if these fisher caught In large numbers that means the predators don't have aren't food, which causes the food chain to break and deteriorate, and when food chains break that can cause a huge imbalance not only to the ecosystem but it can also put a huge impact on the environment. When a food chain is broken, it can also ruin the ecosystem because the food chain plays a big role, of how an ecosystem will perform or function because if the food chain is broken, you will be having smaller fish act as the predators and the larger fish will act as if they were the prey. If this happens the whole food chain will be ruined and it takes thousands of years for a ecosystem to Come to an agreement and form a food chain that works perfectly. So if this food chain was broken that would put a lot of pressure on the ecosystem because, as I said you will have smaller fish as predators and bigger fish as prey which ruins the ecosystem,the environment and the food chain.
We can help by spreading the word about overfishing and how it's wrong, also show how in 2050 all of our seafood will be extinct. Another way to help is to be informed and know what you eat, you can read about issues about overfishing how it destroys coral reefs and how it captures other marine life while fishing with nets. Make sure you know what you eat chose the fish with the lowest impact and look at guides for tips to choose good fish
This graph portrays that we have lost 30% of our marine species and that percentage is increasing every year. As scientist predict that we will lose our supply to seafood in 2050 if we keep overfishing.



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