Frankie Spontelli Freelance adventure & lifestyle photographer

Who am I?

Frankie is a Denver-based freelance adventure & lifestyle photographer and licensed drone pilot who focuses on adventure, landscape/travel, and outdoor lifestyle photography. Every new photo project is an opportunity to start an exciting adventure that results in content for your brand. After working as a photo assistant for over five years under a seasoned commercial fitness photographer and having nine years of experience, Frankie will confidently bring a higher level of professionalism to every new photoshoot we initiate. His deep passion for nature, protecting the outdoors, and photography will culminate in work that will help your brand grow, reach new audiences, and ultimately sell more products. With an Instagram following of over 23k, Frankie also offers sponsored social media campaigns, IG takeovers, along with product reviews, product testing, and support for product launches.

“As my passion for capturing the light of the world in the glass of my lens continues to grow my business and pushes me to chase more remote locations, I couldn’t be more excited for future sunrises and sunsets that I have yet to capture.” -Frankie (@Fr33Water)

Adventure & Commercial Photography

I've been exploring, hiking and traveling around Colorado and the surrounding state for the past ten years. This knowledge of the local areas gives me exclusive access to hidden gems, and an understanding of how to access the most scenic locations during the best lighting conditions. We specialize in telling your brand's authentic story while showcasing your products with scenic Colorado backdrops.

Clients & Tourism Boards

Clif Bar, SPOT GPS, Mountain Standard, Artilect Studios (Bradshaw Taylor), Culture Lines, Gobi Heat, ProMaster Photo, Ogden Made, Eagle Creek, Dragon Optics, Quiksilver, Reebok, Vuori. Paid partnerships with Visit Colorado, Visit Boulder and Visit Utah.

Image Licensing

I help growing outdoor brands with eye-catching visual assets to use across all their marketing platfotms. All images on my website are available for licensing and I provide bundles of images for brands looking to use my work across packaging, in-store murals and more. Image licensing has been provided to brands and tourism boards like Visit Boulder, Visit Utah, Visit Colorado and Artilect Studios.

Story Telling

My Instagram page often contains a short story behind every image that I capture and share. Visual content is more than just a photograph, I try my best to create captivating photography that draws in new viewers and keeps them searching for more. I love sharing the story behind my adventures... there's this misconception that photographers just get to be out enjoying the prettiest sunsets and sunrises. I try to take the viewer into the scene with me and show them how gnarly the wind chill was, how painful the hike was on my legs and how it felt to stand on top of peaks and next to pristine alpine lakes.

Social Reach & Audience

I know what it takes to create viral images and captivate large audiences. I've been granted the opportunity to take over tourism pages and work on sponsored campaigns with tourism boards like Visit Colorado, Visit Boulder and Visit Utah. I love partnering with outdoor brands and philanthropic causes that align with my audience demographic. We can work together on sponsored Instagram posts or you can take the content and use it across all your social and marketing channels. If we team up on a sponsored Instagram campaign your content will be viewed by my engaging audience of over 23,000 followers on Instagram while also reaching 100,000 accounts per month. My audience consists of outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, hikers and people that love getting out into the great outdoors located in Colorado and the surrounding regions: Utah. Wyoming and Oregon.

Commercial Photography

We operate a media brand called Alpenglow Creative that assists outdoor brands with creating fresh marketing assets for upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. Our expertise circles around outdoor and adventure lifestyle content and we thoroughly enjoy helping outdoor brands take their visual branding and imagery to the next level. Our photography and video services are unique. Our work is impossible to replicate in a studio. That's because we specialize in original, eye-catching imagery on the highest peaks and most remote backcountry locations of the American West. We believe in going one step further to get the shot. We literally go above and beyond.

Commercial Work Examples, Gobi Heat

Over a two-day outdoor lifestyle photoshoot we helped heated jacket company Gobi Heat with creating a large variety of images for their Spring 2020 look book and for the launch of their new heated camping chairs.

Commercial Work Examples, Atomic Child Designs (sold at REI)

Commercial Work Examples, SPOT GPS devices

Commercial Work Examples, Ogden Made (Capture Pack)

Utilizing a one-day outdoor lifestyle photoshoot we helped Utah-based apparel company Ogden Made with creating a large variety of images for the launch of their camera bag: the Capture Pack.

Commercial Work Examples, Clif Bar (Sponsored IG Collab)

Commercial Work Examples, Dragon Optics

Commercial Work Examples, Hari Mari

Commercial Work Examples, Eagle Creek Backpacks

Commercial Work Examples, Dave and Matt Vans

Commercial Work Examples, Ogden Made (Fall Collection)

Commercial Work Examples, ProMaster Photo

Commercial Work Examples, Wear First

Commercial Work Examples, KuKu Campers

A Collection of my Adventure Photography from 2020

As seen on my Instagram page, the majority of my work focuses on adventure. adventure landscape and story-telling out in Colorado, Utah and beyond. These are some of my most celebrated images from 2020 and have helped move my career along with securing partnerships with brands and tourism boards.

A Collection of my Adventure Photography from 2021


All photo credits belong to Francis H. Spontelli III of Frankieboy Photography LLC.