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Macro Photography

I believe this is my best macro photograph because of the water droplets captured.

Key Reading Summary

This beginners guide to photography gives a close up look to macro photography. Macro photography is the action of reaching into "near space" and capturing something not so visible to the naked eye. However, not just any camera can shoot in macro. Macro photography requires a medium to high priced camera. The reading also goes over many helpful tips and tricks for capturing the sharpest image possible, they are: shooting at the right distance, never using the viewfinder to set up the shot, and correct use of the depth of field.


-What is the essence of macro photography?

I'd say the essence of Macro Photography is capturing unique images of normal things that can captivate an audience.

-What are some things unique to macro photography to consider while shooting?

Some things unique to macro photography to consider while shooting are: a small depth of field, the optical viewfinder and taken picture won't show the same image, and a large amount of light can be lost.


Created with images by wwarby - "Citrus Swallowtail Caterpillar"

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