My Journey Through Art By Rachel Dethlefs

PAST: The strengths and weaknesses of my past artwork which helped me to form my Growth Target.

In this painting I had some decent blending on the right side, but the left has very harsh color transitions which relates to my weakness of inability to capture depth with paint.
This glass plate has a good balance, but it doesn't look very put together or clean because of the black frit that I used to fill in cracks, which was simply a mistake from inexperience. This piece also has weak color choices which add to its incomplete look.
These three still lifes are a good representation of my weak "three dimensional" skill level in Intro to Art. In the far left cross hatching picture neither the pot nor kettle look 3D, but because of the highlight and contrast between light and dark on the pepper, that object does appears 3 dimensional. In the middle image I did a good job using shadows and highlights to capture the 3D sense, but it could still be improved. Lastly, the far right charcoal picture is very weak in placement of highlights and blending which leaves it looking 2D.
This watercolor demonstrates my strength for abstract creativity and thought provoking work.
This self portrait shows progress in my ability to use charcoal since I was able to capture a more 3D nose and lips.
This piece displays my 3D design strengths such as construction and painting to mimic something realistic. After taking the 3D design class I felt much more experienced and knowledgeable in that field of art, but I still felt like I lacked skills in painting and drawing, so this became my focus when I entered Honors Art.

PRESENT: My growth during Honors Art, and how my Growth Target has developed.

This oil pastel piece displays my improved ability to capture the 3 dimensional aspect of a still life object.
This piece shows an improvement in my creativity and my ability with charcoal. From this portrait I would also conclude that because it was difficult to do, I would like to continue to focus on my drawing and charcoal skills.
Although I am very proud of how this painting turned out, I still feel very inexperienced using paint (I felt like I just took risks and went with it while doing this piece), so I would like to continue to learn techniques and methods for painting.
This glass chessboard with its neat edges and aesthetically pleasing colors demonstrates my improved ability to cut glass and work with frit.
This is the other painting I did during Honors Art that shows my growth in capturing a sense of depth and dimension. With all of the projects I have done this year I feel much more comfortable taking risks, but I would continue to focus on craftsmanship in various drawing and painting mediums as an updated Growth Target.

FUTURE: My art career at Mercy has taught me the basics in numerous mediums of art, but it has also taught me many lessons that can apply to my life outside of the art room. I have learned that sometimes the process is more important than the outcome, meaning that often times we can gain more from the journey than the end goal. I have also experienced the success and satisfaction that accompanies perseverance and hard work. Maybe the most important lesson I am going to carry with me beyond high school, is that sometimes what you need most in order to succeed is the guidance or advice from someone else.

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Rachel Dethlefs

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