Human Equality is Immorality Why numbers are not real

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. - Albert Einstein
A number is an arbitrary abstract concept with no reality to its existence. You may consider that there are two spoons in a drawer, but observe those spoons on a molecular level and you will find they are not exactly the same. This is the same with anything. No two things are the same, meaning there is no "two" of anything...rendering the concept of "two" as non-existent.
This is why reducing people into numbers or statistics is to indignify them. And if reducing people to numbers is indignifying, then "equality" too is a form of indignation. Equality means to reduce everyone into a quantifiable unit and then assert that each of these units are equal to each other. Equality suggests that each individual is a unit equal to every other unit. This is not valid on the terms that no thing is ever repeated in nature.
1 + 1 = 2 cannot exist because 1 does not happen 2 times in nature. 1 happens once, and that is it. No 2 of any tree exists. One may say there are 2 trees, but in fact each tree exists unto itself and 2 is just an artificial mental grouping. 1 exists equal to 1 only if 1 repeats itself. This as we know never happens. No 2 humans, as well, are alike. Therefore, human value does not come from a relative quantifiability. Equality is a mathematical term which must be disregarded when used in reference to humans and other living beings because it does not reflect reality.
It is from this premise that we understand traditional economics have failed as a social system of resource management. No man or his labor can have a legitimately quantifiable value attached to it. This is so for animals, vegitation and land. Life is not a commodity and reducing it to quantifiable means is an immoral act of indignation. Hence, economics itself is an immoral act upon the dignity of existence.


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