Battle of Moscow By: Mario occhietti and logan normand

Date of the Battle: October 1941 to January 1942

Who fought in the battle? Soviet forces, led by Joseph Stalin fought the Germans, led by Adolph Hitler.

Description of Battle: Germans attempt to invade Moscow. The Germans manage to gather 2 million ground troops, over 1000 tanks, and over 500 aircraft. Attempting to defend Moscow, the Germans had women and children digging two lines of trenches for defense. The Russians then put up pill boxes and mounted machine guns. The Russians gathered over 1 million troops, 1000 tanks, and 900 air craft, predominantly bombers. Russians did have AA turrets.

The Germans targeted the city of Moscow. The Goals of the Russians was to defend their capital city. If Moscow was taken, it would probably knock Russia out of the war. Moscow is essential to Russia's economy. Without a good economy they couldn't support a war. If Germany took Moscow, Russia would be out of the war.

Who was victorious: The soviets ended up winning the war. They had the advantage of defense. Over the months of the war, the Germans ran low on food and ammunition. This was a very large reason that the Russians won.

Significance of the battle of Moscow: The battle of Moscow was a huge moral booster for the Allies. Germany, being a very powerful nation, out numbered Russia, but the Russians still won the battle. This battle also was huge in putting Germany on the defensive. It sopped to progression on the eastern front.

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