Tattoos on the Heart By Stella Shotkoski

Chapter 1: This chapter's theme was "God, I guess." I liked this chapter. My favorite story was the story about Bill Cain and his dad. His dad was sick so he took time off from his ministry to care for him. He shared a story about how his Father admired his son. I thought that was sweet and it made me realized how much parents care for their kids.
Chapter 2: The theme of this chapter was "Dis-Grace". My favorite story was a story about the Fourth of July and Danny. Danny set off fire crackers in a toilet. When he was confronted about it, he claimed "i didn't did it." this made me laugh because it's relatable. sometimes we do things that are hilarious but we know it's wrong and we deny it. 
Chapter 3: This chapter's theme was compassion. A story that stuck out to me in this chapter was the story about Betito. He was a good guy; or 12 year old. He was fun. The sad part about the story was that he got shot at 12 years old. This hit me hard because it makes me sad hearing that 12-year-olds die from gang violence.


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