Born on 18th May.....

"First child" probably have more in common with other firstborns than their own brothers and sisters. Because they have so much control and attention from their first-time parents, they are over-responsible, reliable, well-behaved, careful and smaller versions of their own parents. "So it all happened with me, I experienced each and phase as a Firstborn. The problem is that when baby number two arrives, I also experience a sense of loss. By losing your seat on the familial throne, you also lose the special place that singularity holds. All of the attention that was exclusively yours must now be shared by you and your sibling.. But I was always princess of my parents.

I was a shy girl from my childhood, always stayed in my comfort zone

Grown up with many dreams, but always wanted to do something different for my family.

I always wanted to stand by my own self, rather than opting to go in dads business.....So i followed my dream of becoming a Photographer.

My first shoot of my cousin.
A shot from My first Documentary


Won second prize in Photography at university level.
I was a Baker tooo, did baking for 6 years. Setup my own business with a name of Square 9. Luckily! got many orders from weddings, birthday, reunions etc

Got covered in Newspaper as a young baker...Who invented customized chocolate for Diwali.

I received a great response...
But.....During my graduation. I stopped doing baking as got busy with assignments and more workload from university...

During my internship period, I worked as a 3d artist. Developed great interest in 3d modelling and rendering...I was alone who loved working in 3d in my university batch. I used to spent 3 - 4 sleepless nights texturing and rendering my stuff.

Made a documentary on Garbage (Clean India)

May 2016 I got Graduated...and now what to do???

My grandparents started to look for a groom!!!!!!! But I don't want to get marry now. Talked to my parents, that i want to go to Canada and settle there. But I knew already they will say no..... As a First child of family, i.e - "Girl". Somehow, a miracle happened. My dad became more excited to send me to Canada.

Re'birth for me

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Inayat Khanna

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