How to be a good fundraiser By the gin Group

1. Be organised: ask your self some questions, like where, when, how. Plan everything on paper. You can make a Google form like the one in the background to ask people what they preferred before planning.

An example of planning

2. Check with the staff: email the staff to see if it gets approved

3. Advertise: make posters

Example of advertising in the morning notes

What do you need in a poster: The date of the event, where the event take place, if money is needed, why are you raising money and make it colourful!!!

4. Make anything you need for the fundraiser. For example assign group roles.

Goal: you need to know for what you are raising the money for. For example we raised money to buy a worm bin.

Ideas for fundraisers

Pyjama day!

Vegetable cake sale!

The money raised in the vegetable cake sale was to buy potato bags and potatoes.

Bake sale!


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