Anna Maria Island By: Alexa Blosser

A place where there are colorful sunsets,
Fun activities,
boat rides,
long days by the beach,
a hand full of sea shells,
and breathtaking views.

Anna Maria Island is a very tiny island off of Florida. I've been going here for the past 11 years. There's so many fun activities to do like snorkeling, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, paddle boarding, and even riding horses in the ocean! There are also long piers for fishing. This island comes with many tasty restaraunts and great places to shop. One of my favorites is Two Scoops ice cream shop and my favorite restaurant is Rod n Reel Pier. It is restaurant at the end of the pier and it overlooks the ocean and you can see everything while you are eating. Anna Maria is a great place to go to if you are looking for a place to relax and wind down. Although, the island is starting to become more popular and more people have been coming the past two years so beware for some crowded beaches!

Fun animals to see!

Long piers!

Come fishing on the pier and you might find some birds flying around!

Beautiful sunsets!


Created with images by Graeme Darbyshire - "Pelican at Anna Maria Island" • Per Olof Forsberg - "Anna Maria Island City Pier" • Per Olof Forsberg - "Anna Maria Island City Pier" • JWolff-STL - "Anna Maria Island Florida"

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