The House on Merrinott Rd Jane Keaveney

Chatham and Ridgevale Beach

My family and I go to Chatham in Cape Cod every summer. It is probably one of my favorite places ever. I feel calm and relaxed whenever I go there. We stay in a small house. We like to call it a shack. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room and a kitchen. There is no dishwasher or laundry machine. But, that never bothers me, and I really don’t notice it since I we are never inside. We usually sit out on the deck off the side of the house. The deck is probably the size of half the entire house. From there you can see the streams and ponds off of Ridgevale beach. You can smell the fresh sea air and can hear the people staying around us playing outside or walking to the beach. The beach is right down the road, less than half a mile from where we stay. That is where we spend most our time. The beach is Ridgevale beach. It is packed during the summer usually with families or people who want to paddle board, sail, windsurf, etc. The beach is absolutely beautiful, filled with inlets of water to play, tall sea grass, and of course the ocean. The wind is constantly going blowing everything around, especially the sea grass that waves in the wind. Though, the wind is strong, the waves are not. The ocean is calm and occasionally has mild waves. My family and I sit at the end of the beach, far away from the little kids. Most people gather at the beginning, right after the bridge across one of the streams, but we go towards the end where a point of the sand sticks out and we are right between the Atlantic Ocean, and a small inlet of water branching off of it. I could sit there for hours on end relaxing on the beach. Letting the sun hit me and the wind roll through my hair, listening to the small waves crashing and the kids playing down on the other end of the beach or in the water. Ridgevale is probably one of my favorite beaches ever, Whenever I go there I feel comforted and at home, like I belong at the beach and in Chatham at Ridgevale beach.

Ridgevale Beach
The house we stay at
My sister and I at Ridgevale

My Grandparents

My grandparents tend to fight a lot, but not in an angry sort of way, it’s more like they’re joking with each other. It’s always pretty funny to listen to it and it tends to go the same way every time. My grandmother is kind of crazy, and says some crazy stuff a lot of the time, especially when she shouldn't be saying it. My grandfather likes to make fun of her for saying this and makes a joke about it, and this time he did make a pretty funny joke. I can’t remember exactly what the joke was but I know it was hilarious. Once he said this you could she she was little annoyed and confused. She grabbed the closest thing to her, and her hand looked like claw as she grabbed it. She turned her head around the room, like an owl, to see if anyone one was laughing at his joke. Her eyes were opened wide, making her look annoyed and confused at the same time. Of course, we all were laughing since it was really funny. She yelled, “Tommy!” in an annoyed way. My grandfather stood there laughing and so did my dad and my sister who were there too. It always happens this way and many times when I see them. Though they do argue sometimes, and some days a lot, it seems to work for them. I mean they have been married for 52 years, and counting.

My grandparents and I in 2009

A Volleyball Injury

It was this volleyball season, and we were at volleyball practice, and were playing 4 v. 4. I was in the front row and my sister was right behind me. My friend, Asha, was on the other side of the net and went up to hit the ball, and my sister and I went up to block it. When we came down, Asha landed on my sister’s foot in a weird way, and ended up spraining her ankle. I was walking off the court when I saw that she was still laying there. I thought she was just being lazy and joking, which is something she sometimes likes to do. So I walked over to her and lightly kicked her in the leg and said, “Asha get up!” But when she rolled over I could see that she was in pain, and I realized that probably shouldn’t have kicked her. I felt really bad after that. She went to the hospital to get it checked and came back the next day on crutches. I felt horrible for thinking she was joking and I told her I was sorry and she said it was fine. Now, we both think it’s pretty funny and laugh about it, so I don’t feel as bad anymore. Now I know that I should probably wait to see what’s really going on before jumping to conclusions.

Asha and I before her injury


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