Symbolism in Kite Runner (lamb) Luciano Escobedo

Being the lamb is like giving everything up, Hassan gives up all of himself to please Amir. Throughout "Kite Runner" Hosserri use the symbolism of the lamb with different people throughout the three big parts of the book and each had their own. The symbolism of the lamb contributes to the novel because it represent innocents and purity.
The beginning of the book , Hosseri used the show the innocents in a person. While Amir and Hassan were playing, Amir noticed/felt something about how he acts and is. He says " that was the thing with Hassan. He was so goddamn pure, you always felt like a phony around him". Amir notices how pure Hassan is, pure as in free from sin and/or moral gilt. In chapter 7, Amir sees a lamb not the animal but the innocents of it. " Saw the resignation in it. It was a look I seen before . It was the look of a lamb." This quote is saying the lamb represents a look of innocents and purity in a person. In the beginning Hassan is mostly the lamb and amir notices this.
The end of the book when Amir goes back to Afghanistan and everything has changed. After Amir comes home to come save a little boy from Assef but sees something on the boys face. " the mullah in our backyard used to apply mascara to the eyes of the sheep and feed it....before slicing its throat". This explains how the lamb has no idea of whats coming because good things are happening to it. While driving and at a red light, amir looks aside and sees this man. " his roaming eyes... held my gaze. Id never felt so naked in my entire life". Amir felt like the man man somehow saw past him and saw through everything and knew him.
In the story lamb represent the free from sins and moral guilt. Throughout different people have/possessive the identity as the "lamb".
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