Assignment #11 Euphemisms By Aiden and Hunter

What is a euphemism?

A indirect word or expression used to substitute a for a word that is either too harsh or straightforward when referring to something embarrassing or unpleasant.

First euphemism

"Asher ran through the standard apology phrase rapidly"(Ch. 1 pg. 5)

Actually, he didn't RUN through the standard apology phrase, he just said it really fast. You can't can run through words. If the word precision was better, it could be replaced with "Asher recited the standard apology phrase rapidly."

Second euphemism

"Stirrings. He had heard the word before. He remembered that there was a reference to the stirrings in the Book of Rules, though he didn't remember what it said."(Ch 5. Pg. 36)

This is probably the worst euphemism for any word in the book. He's going through puberty, what's so bad in their community about recongnizing puberty. The community makes it seem as though the "Stirrings" are alíen and a bad thing to go through. These are just the thoughts of lust that people normally go through at Jonas' age, the society is suppressing natural selection and attraction.

Third book euphemism

"Jonas has not been assigned,' she informed the crowd, and his heart sank."(Ch. 8 Pg. 57)

Jonas and the community were told he hadn't been assigned to an occupation, but chosen. Emotions and thoughts of disappoint also dont come from your heart, your heart cant actually sink after hearing bad news. While your heart can be physically weakened by bad news or long periods of stress or sadness, his heart isn't able to actually sink. Jonas was disappointed in himself, giving him the thought of sadness and confusion. This works in a sentence and makes sense but if they wanted to be correct they could replace it with "Jonas has not been assigned,' she informed the crowd, and he was overwhelmed with thoughts of disappointment and relief of knowing what had happened behind the confusion."

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