MCOM 63 Projects By Matthew wiseman

Jobs Assignment

This Is this the first project I completed for my Mcom 63 New Media class, this project chronicles the struggles of finding work in the bay area for a recent SJSU Advertising grad. Im very happy with the way this video came out considering it was a first effort.


This is my second project for Mcom 63. In this project I asked what a first time voter thought about the election and what issue he was most concerned about. If I redid this assignment I would find a better place to record as there were some sound issues, but other wise it is a solid effort in my mind.

Being Homeless

In this project my partner Salvador Gurrola and I were tasked to find an older homeless person in order to shed light on the issue of Greying in the homeless population. Santa Clara county has around 7000 homeless with about 2500 being chronically homeless. A large percentage of these people are older people with not a lot of hope to turn their lives around short of massive assistance or just a straight miracle.

For this project we located a man by the name of Ronald Roy Herrera (64) originally from Sacramento, who had been homeless for an extended amount of time. Roy talked about how his deep love and appreciation of his deceased sister (died of leukemia) continues to drive him forward. Ron also said he doesn't want to disappoint his daughters and society at large. Ron continued on to tell us about how he doesn't want to be homeless and is attempting to get himself to a better place. Ron also felt pride in his refusal to beg for money unlike so many other rather brazen members of the homeless population in Northern California. Ron has had a very difficult time while living in San Jose. After his sister died Ron got a job doing "tear off" at a series of warehouses unfortunately there was an accident and Ron woke up in the hospital several days later with a large wound on his head and a large scar on his arm.

Ronald went into a shelter but was told a short while after that he needed to find another place to sleep. Unfortunately due to the huge quantities of homeless in Santa Clara county most shelters packed having to kick people out after only relatively short amounts of time. These shelters are also not safe places as stealing amongst the homeless is a problem both in the shelters and even more so out on the street. Ron said "I need to sleep with my shoes on to keep them from getting stolen".

Ronald even in the face of adversity still has his self respect. Ron refuses to aggressively beg on the street and is searching for ways to better his situation in life. Ron believes that his belief in the power of grace of God ( Ron is a devote Catholic) has protected him in his homelessness. Ron uses this belief to drive himself forward on a daily basis. Ron also refuses to leech of his daughters believing that he needs to stand on his own two feet.

Overall I feel that Salvador and Me are very happy with the way this video came out and we feel some small pride in telling this mans story. This was the final project for Mcom 63 and I am happy it was because at the beginning of the semester I don't think i would have been comfortable with this assignment .

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