The World According To Sofie W.


The climbing of Mount Everest is definitely worth the risk
Globalization is making the world weaker
Pictures from Latin America, Europe and Russia, and Africa
Pictures from Southwest and Central Asia, Monsoon Asia, and Oceania and Antarctica

Q and A

What makes a good citizen? All US citizens have many rights and responsibilities that they must take into account. First of all, there are rights. freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want. For example, if you disagree with someone's opinion, you'd have the right to say so. The right to vote lets citizens 18 and older decide who their leaders are. You can also vote for what your taxes are used for. Paying taxes and obeying laws are both responsibilities. Taxes are things people have to pay to support their town and schools. If nobody obeyed the law, the world would be complete chaos, that is why it is so important. Finally, all good citizens do all of their responsibilities and exercises their rights, unless it interferes with someone else's rights or your own responsibilities. If someone shouted “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater, they would be exercising their right to freedom of speech, but it would interfere with their responsibility of public safety. In conclusion, a good citizen performs all of their responsibilities and exercises their rights appropriately.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

With unlimited government, leaders have total control over citizens, whereas with limited government, there are limits to make sure the government doesn't have too much power. An example of an unlimited government is a dictatorship. The dictator has complete and total control over citizens with no limits. North Korea is a country with a dictatorship. There is one leader enforcing the laws that he can change or make anytime he wants. The citizens can't do anything to stop him. There are five limits of government. A democracy is a form of government that uses all five.The U.S. is an example of a democracy. There are three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Executive branch is the president which is elected every four years. There is also a constitution. While unlimited government has its benefits, limited government is definitely preferable. There is more freedom for the citizens and less power for the government.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

While forces like the trade bloc and European citizenship work for supranational cooperation, diversity and different languages work against it.The trade bloc allows EU countries have more economic power than they would as individual countries. Smaller countries are able to feel like they're part of a bigger nation. Having 20 different languages spoken in the EU makes it difficult for members to communicate. Although citizens can travel freely to other EU countries, it isn't much use if they can't speak with each other. The EU wants every citizen to speak at least two languages in addition to their native language. A supranational organization as large as the EU has many centripetal and centrifugal forces at work.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to a desert environment in many different ways. Most will live near or pass through oases. Those who live near an oasis take advantage of clean water and many resources from date palms. Herders passing through trade with the inhabitants. They rarely work in the hot part of the day, coming out in the cool of the evening. Date palms are a huge part of an oasis. Dates fruit from these palms, are eaten. The trunk and leaves are used as building materials, while the bark fiber is used for rope. Many adaptations are to protect from either heat or sand. Those would be very useful in the desert. Nomadic Herders often pass through oases. There, they refill on water and trade food with the subsistence farmers. Nomads wear loose clothing and head cloths to protect from the sun. Their belongings are easily packed and set up in 2 hours that makes for quicker travel. They also travel in family groups of less than 100 people with cameo caravans. It must be very hard to learn to adapt to such a harsh environment. These desert dwellers have managed that for a long time. Over the years, they have learned many tricks to help them brave the desert.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource can affect a region in many different ways, and the effects will be varied around different areas. The resource can raise the region’s health and wealth, but not all the countries will benefit from the resource. In the case of Southwest and Central Asia, the valuable, non-renewable resource is crude oil. This resource is in high demand, so countries exporting it make a lot of money. This money can be spent many different ways. The money will hopefully be spent to improve the wellbeing of the citizens. This will make it likelier for the life expectancy to go up and the infant mortality rate to go down. Unfortunately, some leaders choose to spend the money on their own personal interest. One example of this is the leader of Iraq who chose to use the oil money in the military only. The wealth of oil is not evenly distributed. Factors such as population and certain conditions for oil creation cause some countries to fare better. What the leader chooses to do with the money must also be taken into account. Like the Iraqi leader, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia spent money from oil on what he wanted. Fahd spent over $185 million dollars on a vacation, instead what would be good for the country Saudi Arabia and Kuwait both have many oil reserves. Saudi Arabia’s population is much larger, however, so the wealth must be more widely spread. In conclusion, the impact of a valuable resource on a region can vary because of many different factors.


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