Critical Book Review Creative Church

Creative Church (Visual Arts)

In reading The Creative Church I found it uninteresting. It kind of bored me a bit and it did not reach my expectations. Do not get me wrong the book was decent, but not what I believed it to be. What I believe the book should have shown more art work, covered more genres of the art and more information on the artist

First, I believe the book should have shown more art work. How can one appreciate art if you cannot see it? Art work would keep the reader interested and curious. Art also provides different meanings. Each piece of art tells a different story from the artist’s experiences or influences.

Secondly, I believe the book should have added more categories of the art. They should show the interior design and the layout of the buildings. It would be interesting to know what style the church is going for and what tone they want to set. Stained Glass windows is some of the most beautiful art work to me. Seeing different styles and the images placed in the glass over the years would be intriguing for me and other readers. For the church the color of the glass also has meanings ”Red represents the blood of Christ, it indicates strong emotions such as love or hate; it serves as a reminder of Jesus' suffering and sacrifice, it also often associated with the martyrdom of saints. Blue symbolizes heaven, hope, sincerity, and piety. Green symbolizes faith, immortality, and contemplation. Violet symbolizes love, truth, passion, and suffering. White represents chastity, innocence, and purity. Yellow is used to indicate the halo of saints, or the Gates of Heaven and to symbolize divinity, power and glory. Purple has come to symbolize suffering and endurance; purple is also used to viewed as royalty or God the Father. Gray shows humility and mourning.” (Hami) These are just some of the colors but I find it beautiful and interesting. Regular paintings that would be placed in the halls or in rooms would also set a tone for the church. What story’s does the church find most important to remember or what verses does the church want you to really notice. It is interesting to see the ”visual arts of the twentieth century that were influenced by the trends of the time.” (Smith)

Finally, I believe the book should have had more information on artist and their work. I would like to know what inspires the artiest to create these beautiful pieces. What was going through their mind when they were creating this piece. I think readers would enjoy seeing the art through the eyes of the artiest. What message are they trying to communicate to the viewer. I can come up with conclusions of how the art makes me feel and what I see when I look at it, but what is the artist trying to say that I may be missing. What makes them create this art, what is art to them. “My art to me is my pain put into a painting. It is me trying to find out what the world is. It is trying to communicate to people when I cannot communicate with them; it is the overspill of life. It is hearing others' opinions about it and trying to understand them as well. It is being part of life. It is having fun. It is being serious. It is taking on different personae. It is trying to be an artist of life—and we are all artists.” (Harding)I found this passage interesting because the artist expressed what drives him to do art and how he views art. I would like to see how artist are driven and what art means to them.

In conclusion, the book was okay, but it did not reach my expectations. I think if the book had (Smith) shown more art work, have added more sub styles of the art and more information on the artist it would have been a great book and very entertaining. When I am learning about art I want it to be entertaining so that I get into it and actually learn something from it. I enjoy art and seeing the makings and I enjoy what is behind the work. I wouldn’t recommend this book for somebody that has trouble staying focused or if they get bored easily.

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