Ultimate Survival Guide To The World War I Trenches Abby Weaver

Medical Kit


By living in the trenches, it is very easy to contract an illness, or even diseases. Because of the harsh living conditions, there were a number of illnesses and diseases that you could have caught while living in the trenches. Included in the kit, there should be an assortment of bandages, wound cleaners, wraps, and the tools to make amputations, because of the possibility of catching trench foot (“Apocalypse”).

Gas Helmet


There are a large number of chemicals and gases used during WWI, and all of them are extremely deadly. The most effective type of gas helmet is the Small Box Respirator mask. Without a gas helmet, there is a good chance of death due to the number of all different type of poisonous gasses (“10 Things”).

Hip Wader Boots


During life in the trenches, there are many people that caught diseases because of the mud they had to stand in. Some days all you do is stand and guard, and with the lack of socks, the high boots can help to decrease the amount of mud that comes in contact with your feet (“Apocalypse”).

Entrenching Tool


With these tools, soldiers were able to successfully dig large trenches at a quicker speed. Using a shovel would be helpful, but by far the best tool for digging these sort of trenches is an entrenching tool. They are fairly easy to carry, and will save you from having to dig with your hands, or using some other tool (“10 Things”).

Steel Helmet


During the time digging trenches, or even just standing in them, you are very likely to have a rock, or dirt of some sort fall on your head. With the cannons being shot, there is a chance that the debris could injure your head. The helmet can provide extra protection for your head, neck and shoulder area (“10 Things”).

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