Auyuittuq National Park in Canada. By BEnny Burkey

This is Auyuittuq national park.

Day 1- Today we were taking a long drive to Auyuittuq National Park. The drive was so long! I was seriously bored of driving. I was so glad when we got there because It was nice to not be cramped up in a tiny car for so long. When we got there we headed to Nunavut Tourism. We decided to stay there for our trip. It took most of the day to get there so we stayed at the hotel for the night.

These tourist found an amazing site in the National park.

Day 2- Today we were planning to go hiking after breakfeast. I accidently slept till 10:00. My bad! We headed out for the trail at 11:15. We were only hiking about a half an hour when my legs started to hurt. "Can we head back?" My parents groaned but of course, they ignored my request and we kept hiking. After about another hour of hiking, we had lunch. My mom packed us Bologna sandwiches and potato chips. We brought our cantines full of water incase we got thirsty. My dad snuck some cheetos into the lunch bag before we left the house. After lunch we hiked for another 2 hours! My legs were about to fall off.

Day 3- Today was the day we left Auyuittuq in Canada. I was pretty disapointed. We are planning on climbing Mount Thor. We were heading to Mount Thor when we saw a bear! I was freaked out and was about to run but my mom said, "Don't run it will make the bear chase you." I wondered why bears chased you when you ran away. We ate lunch. Today we had macaroni salad with more chips. This time my dad sneaked in some Brownies. After lunch we headed back to the hotel. After we were all packed we hopped in the car. I fell asleep most of the ride when my dad woke me up. We were gonna hit skyzone to end a wonderful trip to Auyuittuq National Park.


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