Pasture Valley Children's Home News June - July 2019

Colossians 3: 17 ”And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father”

Celebrating a Wedding!

It was a joyous day as we celebrated Taiwan and Francis’s wedding; first in Tanzania and then in Eswatini. We are so thankful to God for the memories made. Here are some photos of the day:

Preschool Teacher's Training

Early July we invited a number of preschool teachers to a workshop at Pasture Valley. The teachers learnt about how to assist disabled children in the classroom, exercises for children to improve learning ability, how to evangelize to children and how to plan a daily lesson. We are grateful to all the presenters

A Month of Awards

Pasture Valley children have done really well this last month. Noncedo, Anele and Vuyo participated in volleyball and made it into the country’s finals. One of our girls obtained academic awards for first position in her class. This is quite an achievement as she is in her final year at school. Pasture Valley also participated in a school competition for the best banner and marched through town for forest fire awareness. Pasture Valley came home with a huge trophy for first prize thanks to the hard work put in by the Morehead Cain volunteers

Outreach with Teams

We have been blessed with many teams visiting Pasture Valley over the last months. Every Nation Team arrived with 28 people and helped with career guidance, music workshops and maintenance work.

We met Aunty Terri’s team at the Airport and needed a trailer to carry all the supplies and clothes they brought with them for the children! They spent the following days working with the children and visiting the Bambanani project ladies. We were so grateful for all the clothes and supplies they brought. For years we have been struggling with many of our children wetting their beds. The team brought little alarms that alert the child when he has wet his bed. The alarms have been a breakthrough and it has made a huge difference!

Duet Potchestroom team also arrived with clothes and calculators for the children. Besides helping paint an entire school, they did prayer walks, activities with the children and put up an altar at the top of the farm. Miracles were witnessed as they prayed for people at the Health Centre. At Pasture Valley we felt that we were not alone and that we belonged to a greater family in Christ that cares. Thank you to all of the teams for coming, showing love and caring!

New children

We collected these two little ones after an urgent request from the DPM offices to help. Their story was in the newspapers that same day and the story is a sad one which is not mine to tell. Their little bodies were covered from head to toe in scabies and sores. We have had to do several trips to the clinic for medication and assistance to get them back to good health and had to isolate them from the other children until they recovered. They have adjusted well and enjoy playing in the preschool with the other children.

Game Reserve Visit

We took two of the Grade 3 homeschool students to Mlilwane Game reserve. They were so excited to see all the animals they learn about

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankfulness for God’s protection on the farm and children during the fire season.
  • Thankfulness for all who came to celebrate the wedding and join us for the wonderful day.
  • Thankfulness for God’s daily provision.
  • For our teenagers to remain strong in their faith and not to be tempted and influenced,
  • For the holiday programme and all who will be helping over the holiday break.
  • For Alicia and Ciniso as they plan to leave for 4 months to have their baby.
  • For Nick and Molly as they prepare to come to minister at Pasture Valley.
  • For the Farmers day we plan to have this week.
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