Dear New York NOBLE,

Greetings to all and I hope your summer has been peaceful with lots of fun. I’m sending this letter to announce my intention to seek the position of New York Chapter President. Please permit me to share some information about me you may not know. My grandparents were members of the NYPD, one a matron and the other a police officer.

At a young age, I became fascinated with law enforcement listening to stories my grandparents told me about Lloyd Sealy and other Law enforcement leaders. My mother and I joined the NYC Police Department around the same time and attended the police academy together. She retired as a civilian Principal in the Court Section and I retired as a Lieutenant Commander Detective Squad. Presently, both of my sons are in law enforcement. My sister is a retired NYDOC Warden. As you can see, I come from a proud Law enforcement family with many years of distinguished public service.

In 1985, I became a member of NOBLE when I was promoted to sergeant. I received my BS from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, my MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management from Metropolitan College of New York, and l am a graduate of the 208th Session of The FBI National Academy.

Over the years at NOBLE, I've served on numerous NOBLE committees: Scholarship, Training and Education, Political Outreach, Program, Mentoring, and Membership. I work with members at different community events that the chapter sponsors such as the holiday food and toy drive, Scholarship fund, Cinderella Project, and family picnic. All are successful chapter initiatives. One of my proudest NOBLE New York mission was providing humanitarian aid and comfort to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. NY NOBLE members, and I, along with the community mobilized to gathered food, clothing and money to help law enforcement families recover from this natural disaster.

The chapter charged me and other NOBLE members to drive to Louisiana with food and supplies. As a member of that delegation, I witnessed firsthand what happens when NOBLE members work together as a team for a common goal.

As President, I will bring together the New York Chapter to work as a team; lead the membership with a common goal for opportunity, fairness, equal treatment, justice and empowerment for our community. I have over twenty years of leadership experience in sensitive positions in NYPD. For the past ten years, I've held significant leadership positions in two non-profit corporations. I understand the importance of merging and partnering with the private sector. I believe that I am uniquely qualified and experienced to operate in all arenas that can assist and promote NOBLE NY business. I look forward to having your support.

Thank You!

Derek L. Powers

Life bring challenges

But there is always room to win

"Inspire To Lead”


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"When You No Longer Inspire You’ve Already Retired"

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Derek Powers and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

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NOBLE National Blessing of the Badge March

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World Police Fire Games

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NOBLE mentoring & Community Outreach

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Derek Powers for President of NOBLE NY Chapter

As a corporate Vice President, I’m responsible for the security and emergency management of a world class corporation that sits on a 350-acre campus. Mange and ensure the safety of a power plant, several piers, dry docks, and 350 businesses. Manage and supervise a staff of seventy security personnel that includes a Director, Assistant Director, 9 sergeants, and 59 officers. The lead liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the interest of the corporation. Corporate lead Investigator. Coordinate events with fortune 500 companies. Coordinate with city, state, and federal, agencies in the interest of providing a safe environment for political events like the DNC debates.

Purpose and inspiration to lead the NOBLE NY Chapter

The purpose of my running is to continue to provide inspired leadership for the NOBLE NY Chapter. The chapter has had record participation with city, state and federal agencies. Major community events, like the holiday food drives, book and toy drives, voter registration drives, educational and social school events. Four record Scholarship Dinner dances.

As part of my ten-point plan I have outlined and proposed a monthly conference call with fraternal organizations and Black executives of city, state, and federal agencies; to monitor and develop a plan of action for any concerns. Partner with community based organizations and leaders to listen to and act on their behalf with respect to civil rights and law enforcement issues.

In addition, I will meet with community leaders and all law enforcement agencies to develop and ensure a professional working relationship exist between the two. The most important relationships NOBLE NY must develop is Community, corporate, and political partnerships. It’s the people that forge change. NOBLE NY has to be in the community to help shape that change. Sometimes to develop those relationships you have to work with the different political parties. As a private citizen I can work for all members of NOBLE and the community with a clear and focused drive.






Metropolitan College of New York, New York, NY MPA Emergency and Disaster Management, 2005 ​

John Jay College, New York, NY Bachelor of Science Police Science, 1992 ​ ​​​​​​​​

FBI National Academy Graduate 208th Session of the National Academy, 2002 ​


• FBI National Academy Alumni Association

• International Association of Emergency Managers

• John Jay College Alumni Association

• American Red Cross Greater New York

• National Organization Black Law Enforcement Executives

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Commissioner O'Neil and Derek Powers

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NOBLE Christmas Party at Resort World

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NOBLE NY Family Picnic

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The Real James Bond

Supporting MOS Families

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With NOBLE legends at the National Conference in DC

About Derek Powers

City Room - Blogging From the Five Boroughs

In a Father’s Footsteps, Into the Police Force and on the Track


Derek Powers will not be passing the baton to his son Erek on Friday. He already passed his shield to him years ago — the same badge Derek’s grandfather wore a half-century ago in the New York Police Department.

No. 8154.

On Friday night, at the 104th annual Millrose Games, the legendary indoor track meet held at Madison Square Garden, father and son will be wearing different numbers, but both will represent the New York City Police Department for the four-lap relay competition against the Fire Department of New York.

For the first time at the meet, there will be two teams for the Fire and Police Departments battling to be “New York’s Fastest.” Erek Powers, 24, will be running in Lane 3 for the Police Department’s “A” team, and Derek Powers, 56, will be running in Lane 3 for the “B” team.

They are the department’s youngest and oldest runners, bookends from a family built on speed and service.

“We’re going to come in first place,” Derek said in an interview this week. “The only question is if the B team can nose out the other two fire teams.”

Erek laughed when he heard his father talk a little trash. “That’s typical,” he said.

If they get the baton at the same time, Erek said, he had a promise: “I’m not going to take it easy on him,” he said.

Derek Powers served in the N.Y.P.D. for 27 years, and his longest and most satisfying role in the department, he said, was as a lieutenant commander in Detective Services for the Brooklyn Special Victims Unit. Now he is a vice president of protective services for the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

In high school in the late 1960s and early ’70s, Derek Powers ran the mile relay for Sheepshead Bay High School. He attended Brooklyn College and worked for the post office. But he kept thinking about his grandfather, Beresford Lewis, who had been a New York City police officer in the 1950s and 1960s.

So Derek went to the academy — at the same time that his mother, Joan Powers, was attending to become a civilian administrator. One day she brought him his lunch. “I got some ribbing about that,” Derek said, laughing.

When Erek was born, Erek’s mother and Derek did not get married. Although Erek lived with his mother, he and his father stayed close, playing basketball in the summers and frequently going to Knicks games. They shared a love of running, as Erek, too, ran track at Moore Catholic High School. He ran sprints like his father — from the 100 meters to the half-mile.

But police work would be their bond. “When Erek was 3 years old, he walked around with a little toy gun and shield — he always wanted to be a cop,” Derek said.

In 2007, more than a year after Erek had joined the force, Derek decided that it was time for him to retire.

“When I was younger, he would take me to work with him,” Erek said. “I was always interested — I wasn’t really thinking about my future until I took the test. I just remembered how he took me to the precinct and how cool it was.”

Erek was assigned to the 69th Precinct in Canarsie, where his grandmother had worked for 24 years. Today, wherever he goes to Brooklyn, he said, people compliment the work his father did for the police force.

“My father was always a giver,” Erek said. “He always gave back to people, anybody needed help, a place to stay, door is never closed. Always a hard worker, that’s what he instilled in me; reap the benefits. He put everything he had to his job.”

Now Derek enjoys his new job and works out four to five times a week with a personal trainer. He ran the New York City Marathon twice — in 2001 and 2007 — and said he needed to get his fast-twitch muscles firing again.

Both father and son have compact running frames — Erek is 5-foot-8, 150 pounds, while his father is 5-foot-9, 190 pounds. “But he’s very fit,” Erek said.

The concept of the new race was developed by U.S.A. Track and Field and Millrose officials to mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. It will also be an informal warm-up for the World Police and Fire Games in New York, this August and September.

Derek said he was ready to compete, having participated in the 2009 world games in British Columbia. Erek said he had not decided yet whether he would run.

The F.D.N.Y. has owned the marathon competition between the teams in the last two decades, but the Powers pair wants to change that in the sprints. “We can’t lose to firemen in running,” Erek said. “We’ve got to chase down criminals every day.”

Derek echoed his son’s boast: “We’re going to burn the track,” he said. “They’re going to put out the fire once we win.”

Al Baker, the usual author of 1 Police Plaza, is not feeling well. His colleague Liz Robbins is filling in.

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