RP Media Inc.

RP Media is a well-established advertising agency with a strong reputation for excellence. We have garnered more than 15 years of experience in our market, and we have built lasting customer and vendor relationships along the way. We work with clients throughout the Southeastern Region, and our customer reach spans Birmingham, Montgomery, and Southern Tennessee. We truly believe in the value of strong working relationships, and have built a foundation of excellence upon this belief. For instance, RP Media is able to leverage our longstanding media contacts to make purchases a seamless and simple process for clients.

Additionally, our history of frequent and high-volume media purchases allows us to obtain excellent pricing and scheduling that other firms struggle to match. Of course, our strong commitment to our clients means that any savings are shared and mutually beneficial to both parties. Ultimately, these examples comprise only a fraction of the benefits of working with RP Media. At RP Media, it is “in our nature” to challenge ourselves to be a trustworthy agency that does the absolute best for our clients, and it is because of our unwavering commitment to excellence that we have maintained lasting and fruitful relationships throughout the years.

Radio Advertising

Are you spending the right amount of money in the right places and getting the best possible results? Effective advertising must be kept within a budget and must be placed in the right places at the right time. RP Media has the power of multiple accounts so you can get more for your advertising dollars.

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Print Advertising

We support all printed media, newspaper, magazines, local and national. We’ll design the ad, review it with you and place it.

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Television Advertising

Like most companies, being wise with your advertising dollars is just plain smart, you don’t have money to burn. Where companies go wrong is to save money by either placing commercials themselves, which rarely saves money at the end or they go with a media buyer with low commission that doesn’t deliver. RP Media treats your money as their own. RP Media gives you quality production that delivers an effective message. We know the importance of the relationship between the client and the agency. We utilize local TV facilities as well as quality commercial production houses.

Online Advertising

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