Nature and the Good Life activity at flmhn


The display that I enjoyed the most was the butterfly exhibit. This exhibit completely immersed me in nature just as natural history museums are intended to do. I was able to experience nature the way you should, that is, how it is out in the world in a realistic setting where the live creatures are able to thrive. I was surrounded by not only butterflies but also fish, birds, and various plant life. This provided for me a better understanding of an ecosystem. Without the plants and other living things, the butterflies would not flourish in the exhibit. I enjoyed this deeper understanding and the ability to be so close to such fragile and beautiful insects.


I feel as though the butterfly exhibit helped support Leopold's plea. With the ability to be immersed in an exhibit of live butterflies and nature comes a greater understanding and appreciation for the creatures. The monarch butterfly, in particular, has been a victim of herbicide use. The butterfly, being a keystone species, is an essential component of its natural ecosystem. The presence of these butterflies in the exhibit can evoke more though about conservation efforts. Once you see these beautiful butterflies in person, you want to do anything in order to protect them so that they will be around for future generations to enjoy and future ecosystems to thrive.


The other side of this butterflies wings are merely a plain grey color with a pattern. When the butterfly opens its wings, you are able to see the beautiful blue color that is hidden most of the time. This is merely one example of the majesty and mystery of nature. What may seem to be simple or plain is often extravagant and sometimes even beautiful. This consistent discovery in nature might inspire individuals to reflect on humanity. We often make assumptions and judge quickly and critically before attempting to discover the truth. What appears to be ordinary could in fact be extraordinary and we have to give others chances to show their true beauty before jumping to conclusions. Visiting the Natural History museum or even venturing outdoors can inspire so many emotions and thoughts that it would seem to be a waste not to take advantage of the opportunities a few steps from our front doors.


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