Ever since I was little I have had a passion for horses, I started riding when i was 7 and have rode ever since. It is a great way to have fun and get fit you work out so many muscles when you ride. I have went to the Listowel, Howick, Harriston and Mitchell fair's to compete in the horse shows. I also love to hunt, when I hunt we walk and push the bush all day long. Some days we can walk more than 8-10 kilometers through tall thick grass and bush's,up hills and even through rivers and creeks. I also have enjoyed playing basketball, when I went to elementary school I was always on the basketball team. At first I didn't think I would make any teams but I tried out for my grade 6 basketball team and made it my team pulled ahead and won the girls division. Grade 7 I didn't make the team but in grade 8 and 9 I made the team. Being on the Listowel Lightning Basketball Team was a great experience. We had so much fun at the practices and games. I also used to figure skate at Wallace from age 5 to 11 I competed in Weskate every year it was a lot of fun but i gave it up to horse back ride. I also enjoy baby-sitting I have been watching kids since I was 10 or 11 I have always have fun with kids.


I have always enjoyed physical activity, to me it is very fun.At the start of grade 9 I picked my 5 fitness exercises I chose to do the wall sit, vertical jump, sit ups, grip strength and the beep test. My two fitness exercises I am going to compare is the beep test and the vertical jump. When I first did the beep test I had got 4.1 at the time I thought it was a pretty good score but I Knew I could do better. The second time around I told myself that I was going to beat my score of 4.1 that I needed to get at least a 4.2 but in the end I got a 4.3. I think the change in my score is due to playing basketball I had to run a lot in basketball which made me gain some endurance and that helped me improve my fitness score. When I first did the vertical jump I got 28 the first time and the second time I got the same as the first time. I think this happened because I grew taller from the first time to the second time.


I really enjoyed playing field hockey even though I was away for basketball a lot during field hockey the days I was there it was a lot of fun. I have never played field hockey so it was really new to me but I really enjoyed it even though I don't play hockey. The challenges I faced during field hockey was trying not to use my feet to stop the ball and not using the back side of the stick. It was also hard to put my hands farther down the stick. The most difficult part about field hockey for me was running with the ball in the grass and not on the smooth gym floor.


In track and field when I was younger we had to participate in almost all of the events until we got older. This year for track and field i enjoyed doing running long jump and triple jump. If I was on the Listowel Lightning Track and Field team I would participate in running long jump and triple jump. I think I would be very good at it because I have long legs. How I would improve my skills in this event is by practicing all the time. I would also stretch and try different ways of jumping to see what way would make me jump the farthest.


In our football unit learning all about football was fun I really enjoyed playing toilet bowl tag. I have never really played football before so it was a new experience.I liked being taught how to throw a football properly and knowing how to hut and receive the ball. STEP ONE: Stand one meter away from the quarterback and have your back facing them. STEP TWO:Have your feet shoulder width apart and your fingers on the laces bend all the way over till your head is right in front of your knees then get ready to hut the ball to the quarterbacks chest.


Volleyball is a very popular sport because even if you aren't a very athletic person that's ok. When you play volleyball you don't move around as much as when you are playing basketball. I think that volleyball is a popular sport because if you don't like to run much than volleyball is a great sport for people. Also it is very easy to hit the volleyball when playing which everyone is capable of. Playing volleyball is also a lot of fun and you get to bond with teammates. I think if I was playing volleyball and my teammate was struggling I would tell them that they will get better with practice. I would tell them I can help them with their skills and that everyone was at their stage at one point.


I really liked badminton and I liked playing both doubles and singles but if I had to chose I would chose doubles. I liked doubles better because 2 people could cover more of the court. Then you could have sides or you could play front and back.I liked it because it was more challenging you had to trust that your partner could get the birdie. Also you had to back off if you or your partner called for the birdie.


It is so important to make good decisions with our health, some people don't make good decisions and later in life they regret it. If people don't make good decisions people can get really sick and damage their bodies.when teenagers want to experiment with things they can get addicted really easily and it can ruin their lives.If you make good decisions in high school you can get into a good post secondary school and have a good career.


My advice to a grade 8 going into grade 9 is never give up even when the going gets tough.Become independent and don't rely on others because they won't help you. Get involved in school sports it is a great experience, and if you think you won't make it still try out because you never know what could happen.Be open to meeting new people don't stay with your friends from elementary school all the time.

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