Judgement at Nuremberg Jacquelyn Switzer

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the auditorium I felt fascinated at its beauty and elegance. I was seated in the Balcony. I felt that this seat location negatively effected my experience at the performance. I would have preferred to have been sitting closer to the stage because I felt that it is more engaging to be closer to the actors. Once the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I felt anxious and anticipatory because I was looking forward the performance. In my opinion the role of place in the Good Life is important because where you are makes a difference with how you behave and think.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with my three softball teammates and roommates. I got ready for the performance by cleaning up after practice, by doing my hair, putting on perfume, and putting on nice clothes. Attending the performance with my friends was a lot less overwhelming than attending the performance by myself. I feel that my experience was enhanced by being with my friends. In my opinion I believe shared experiences play a role in the Good Life because you can relate and compare to other people's physical and emotional thoughts when you share an experience with them.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue that was addressed in the performance was that the constitution of law was so corrupt and untrustworthy under Hitler's overruling power. I sympathized about the situation that it was a deliberate matter and important to the Jews for justice. The performance changed my views of how unlawful and cruel these influential roles in society were. With that being said, it demonstrated how much the Jews were in a powerless state with no one to turn to. I do not feel this subject matter applies to my life.

The Emotional Experience

The Judgement at Nuremberg play provides an opportunity for katharsis for me because I had to come to terms with my own feelings concerning capital punishment. Due to the horrific crimes that were discussed in the play, I had to come to a realization that all of those men who were on trial should have been executed, in my opinion. Unless the men had no fear of the death penalty, I believe they should have automatically been given the maximum penalty of a life sentence.

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