My Favorite Hobby By: Braydon Ingram

my favorite hobby is riding and watching motorcross
it's fun to ride sometimes you crash sometimes you don't
there are many different types of racing Enduro, Outdoor National, Red Bull Straight Rythem, Outdoor GNCC, Supercross and Motorcross, and the Harescramble
other people hill climb bikes they will extend the swing arm of the bike that way they don't flip on a hill and they race on huge hills
i love to ride because there is so many things you can learn on a dirt bike! It's also cool to get your bike looking good with graphics
Other times if you can't ride then just clean your bike! It's really nice to just see your bike clean after a long day of riding on the track or in the trails!
sometimes bikes do require maintenance like oil changes, tube change, and oil filter changes
and its fun to shop for the bike you want many people pick a company and stay with it but others like to mix it up
my favorite type of racing is probably the hare scramble because it's so challenging on the riders to get through the technical obstacles like rocks, hills, other riders in the way, and huge ruts
Cody Webb was the first american to stand on the podium of the 2016 hare scramble race this was a big accomplishment for Cody. Cody's bike is a 2017 ktm 250 two stroke enduro bike.
Graham Jarvis races the Hare scramble every year he has won this race in first for the past 3 years!
Ryan Dungey is the best supercross rider in todays time he also competes in the red bull straight rhythm
My second favorite type of racing is probably supercross this type of racing is mostly jumps and whoops. It's really cool to see the bikes and how clean they are.
my two favorite companies probably have to be Kawasaki and Honda. I like Honda because they make bikes that you cant beat up and destroy easily and they just look really cool! Kawasaki just makes bikes that are super fast on the track they also make tough bikes.
there are other amazing bikes like Yamaha, Suzuki, Ktm, and Huskavarnia these are all amazing bikes but my favorite is Kawasaki and Honda

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