The renaissance Jocelyn solar

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance by letting traders travel through Asia. The Silk Road became safe for travelers one of these travelers where Marco Polo and his family. "Among these traders were a remarkable man from Venice named Marco Polo and his family...Part of the journey was along the Silk Road" (Hult,299). This explains that Marco Polo and his family used the Silk Road to trade. Since the reopening of the Silk Road china demanded more products and trade increased.

Italian Trade Cities-Florence

Medici family

On the top left corner is art,the Medici family hired artist to redesign there palace. On the top right corner is education the Medici family wanted Florence to have the best education so he built libraries and collected books to improve education. The bottom left corner is architecture Cosimo'de Medici paid architects to redesign many of Florence's buildings. The bottom right corner is banking the bankers need to write and understand how math works.

Rediscovering the past (Greek and Roman)

The Greek and Roman developed the renaissance because they found what they thought lost documents. In the 3rd document it said,"...Europeans thought these writings had been lost forever they were excited by their return and began looking for ancient texts in Latin." This explains that they found lost documents and began looking for text in Latin.

Leonardo de Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was self-educated, he filled doezens of secret notebooks with inventions, observations, and theories about aeronautics to anatomy. Leonardo is known as the "renaissance man". He is best known for his 2 famous paintings the Mona Lisa and The last supper.

The last supper (left) is one of his famous paintings. The Mona Lisa is another one of his famous paintings there are a lot of theories on this painting.


In this video they talk about his paintings and his sculptures that he made. They also talk about how famous he became.

Paper and printing

A German man named Johann Gutenberg created the printing press. This was used by each letter a seperate piece and a worker could fit the letters and spread ink on them this made it easier than to write.

Renaissance writing

William Shakespeare's reflected on ideas of humanism. They reflected because he wrote more than 30 comedies, tragedies, and histories. It said "...Shakespeare is most famous for his plays. Shakespeare's wrote more then 30 comedies, tragedies, and histories"(317). This shows he wrote plays about his writings and many people came to his shows.

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